Thursday, February 25, 2016

How Robert Hanley Got Started in the Video Production Business

On Location in the Mohave Desert - 1986
I got into the video business because I loved (and still do) video, movies, computers, cameras, tech, film and controlling my own destiny. When I started in 1979, I knew little. The next twelve years were an incredible learning experience.  I did every type of film and video project you can imagine. I became an excellent Producer, Director and Editor. I also went broke twice! I had learned my craft inside and out but had not yet learned how to make money with video.

I got a lucky break in the summer of 1991 and began making tons of money! Within a year I was flying high financially. I spent the early 90’s perfecting Home Video Studio and began sharing my knowledge with others in 1999. I am very careful of with whom I share this knowledge and how I share it. Most of you know that we charge $51,900.00 for our system. After that you need about $15,000.00 to $19,000.00 in equipment. 

At the "Hanley Awards" 2003
Starting any business on your own is treacherous. Start on your own and there is a 95% chance you will fail within one to two years. You just don’t know enough and there is no way to learn what you need to know quickly enough. The 5% who succeed, do so with heavy causalities. I understand this. Been there, done that.

When you start with a plan and a mentor, you have a shortcut to success. We have a complete plan for you. You can start today if you wish.  It will be the best decision you ever made.

 Within a year I was flying high financially!

I easily made over $40,000.00 in January and February – albeit the slowest months of the year in my Home Video Studio. That’s over twenty grand a month – most of it pure profit. I did it with one hand tied behind my back. It was easy. You should expect me to be great at what I do and I am. I can teach you to run a great studio from your home and make a great living. HVS is a shortcut to success but it doesn’t work if you don’t start. You’ve got to start.

Studio Owner Andy Conte Started in 2001! 
We can bring you up to speed very quickly. Huge training next week! Great Show ‘N Tell coming up as well.  Call me today and let’s move forward. America is the land of opportunity. Home Video Studio is the perfect business for the right person.

You can call me directly on my cell phone at 1-866-714-1956 or 1-317-358-5932. You can email me at Call me today! Let’s talk.

May the Force be with You.

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