Saturday, July 9, 2016

How do you make money with video? I get asked that question. A lot!

We’ll be teaching the answer to that question in less than three weeks in Orlando, Florida. You should join us. 

We’ll be doing four days of outstanding training. It’s our annual Home Video Studio Convention. We call it The Getaway!

We’ll do four days on video production.

We’ll do four days on marketing and sales. 

Two sides of the same coin – getting business and doing business.

Frank Rohmer, our Hollywood connection will be flying in to do our video production training.  He’ll kick our week off with a full day on 360° video production. Then he'll do two days on pure video production. Frank will finish up with a full day of still photography.

On the getting business side, Joe and Dawn Pici of Orlando, Florida will be back once again this year teaching and presenting strategies for building your video business getting customers and finding new clients.  They'll do a four day course. 

Yes...I know what you're thinking... you can mix and match tech and marketing if you want to.

One of my favorites sayings is “I rather know how to get the business than to do the business.” The reality is...  getting business is where most businesses fail – especially video production businesses.

Knowing how much to price, when and where to advertise and how to spend your advertising dollars is one of the secrets I teach. I can show you how to make a ton of money – a very good living.

We always start with getting business. That ‘s the most important part. If your not making money, lot’s of it – you've got nothing.

Two ways to join us in Orlando:

First, it’s not too late to join us as an official Home Video Studio Owner.  You can train with our other studio owners.  We always get at least one new person at this time of year. Remember I am an expert in financing. If you need help getting the money to come aboard, you should call me today. I can help.

Secondly… I’ll be doing our Show ‘N Tell Seminar in Orlando on Sunday, July 31. If you want to join us in Orlando for Show ‘N Tell weekend give me a call. I'll spend the day with several potential new studio owners taking them through everything about running a successful studio business. This seminar is free and in fact we pay your transportation to Orlando if you end up coming on as an HVSN owner. You should ask me about that.

Think about what you have been doing up to now. Has it worked? Are you happy? Are you ready to move forward? 

Spend a weekend or even a week with us and change your life and your lifestyle. 

What would happen if you did? What would your life be like one year from now?

May the Force be with You! 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio
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Friday, July 8, 2016

I remember one of my first Calls to Actions for my current career in filmmaking/media, etc. I was seventeen just about ready to graduate from high school. For some reason, I decided to grab my Dad’s 8mm film camera and shoot a movie. 
It was a weekend/Saturday event. The plot was new wave. In fact there was no plot. Most of the scenes were me in my graduation cap and gown brandishing an axe (don’t read anything into that). Anyway, I shot one reel and sent it off to be processed. 
Two weeks later it came back and I eagerly threaded Dad’s movie projector. This was going to be great! I could not wait. It was a three-minute reel – a three minute masterpiece! 
It sucked. The film was over exposed and grainy (I knew nothing about light meters or exposure at that point). 
That was the end of that Call to Action. I was disappointed. Life went on. 
It would be four years or more before my next (and most major) Call to Action for filmmaking: Star Wars. 
The fact is the call always keeps coming. The Call to Action phone always rings. It’s just that you don’t always hear it and most of the time you don’t answer that call. You just don’t pay attention. Life gets in the way. This is so natural. Some people never answer the call…
Today… listen. Take a few minutes and listen. Let the world around you stop for a short time and consider what you really want to do with your life. What is important to you? Try to push out all of the noise – the chatter – the clutter. Try to get some clarity. 
Think about the various Calls to Action you have had over the years. 
What would happen if you answered that call?
May the Force be with You! 
Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio