Friday, December 30, 2011

Entrepreneur Magazine Names Home Video Studio Number 1!

We're proud to announce that Entrepreneur Magazine has selected Home Video Studio as the Number One Video and Photography franchise in the United States once again. Thank you Entrepreneur!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Darrell Day of Greenwood, Indiana Named HVS Rising Star of the Year!

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” - Michael Jordan

There's a certain energy resident in a successful Home Video Studio owner. It's a force that puts things in motion. It's a contagious attitude that makes others want to be around it. It's a passion that overcomes daily challenges. Darrell Day, our August Studio Owner of the Month, is a great example of that energy.

“When I considered becoming a studio owner I had two rather large obstacles that loomed in front of me,” say Day. “The first was that I didn't really have any money labeled 'Start Business Money' and the second was I could barely cut and paste on my computer – so the thought of all the technical requirements demanded to do video work was daunting. Despite that, I knew I wanted to be a studio owner and I thought I'd be pretty good at it.”

So Darrell took action. He decided to use some of his 401K money to fund his enterprise - and he figured his technical skills would have to come as he needed them. On March fourteenth of this year Darrell opened his storefront Home Video Studio in Greenwood, Indiana.

While many of our owners come to Home Video Studio from a technical background or a sales background Darrell's path to our family took a little different route. Darrell loves to sing. In fact, he loves to sing so much that, after earning his Bachelor's degree in Music from Eastern Kentucky University, his exuberance put him in Europe performing opera and then singing with an opera company in Miami. “What good are passions,” says Darrell, “if you don't take action?”

Darrell eventually returned to the Midwest, got his Master's Degree from Butler University and was a choral director for fifteen years. It was at this time that he met Robert Hanley when Darrel brought in a tape of a musical he directed, to get copies made. “I was taken by the video business and what a valuable service it provided. I just wanted to be around it,” says Day. As his manner is, Darrell began to pitch in and help out where and when he could.

Soon his energy and heart to serve landed him a full-time position as HVS Director of Studio Services. There he was involved in franchise sales and the servicing of existing franchises. “I am a people person and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new prospects and attending to their needs and concerns,“ says Day, “but I really liked servicing our existing studios as well. Our support staff is top notch and it was a joy to be able to be a part of helping the studio owners realize their goals.”

In fact Darrell was so impressed with the operation he was a part of that he started thinking about being a studio owner himself. “I saw the wide variety of wonderful products and services we offer and I thought, 'I'm creative. I'm detail oriented, I like making people happy. I should be a studio owner' More than that, I felt an urge to put all my skills together and really take control of my life,” says Darrell.

Is it working out? Yes! Not only is Darrell well on his way to his financial goals but he was recently honored at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards in Las Vegas, NV where he received the Rising Star Award. And remember his technical concerns? Well, Darrell also won a creative award for Best Use of Home Movie Transfer. Seems like Darrell's energy and passion are indeed keeping things in motion.

“Well, I certainly haven't arrived,” says Day, “I have so much to learn and do. But right now I'm swamped. I'm looking around at close to twenty-five projects in one stage of progress or another – and I love it. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be an integral part of people's lives and also to have a say-so in my own.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dan Weiniger of Westfield, NJ named Rookie of the Year!

It is my pleasure to announce and congratulate Dan Weiniger of Westfield, NJ on being named Home Video Studio Rookie of the Year for 2011. Dan joined Home Video Studio in July of last year and was honored Saturday night July 23 at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dan also took home the Hanley for Best Vehicle Wrap and Dr. Strangelove. Dan was presented with the Social Media Award as well. Dan is now in his second year as an owner. Congratulations Dan!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tony Miklos of Brecksville, Ohio Named Studio Owner of the Year!

It is my pleasure to announce and congratulate Tony Miklos of Brecksville, Ohio on being named Studio Owner of the Year for Home Video Studio. Tony runs an HVS Studio Store and is in his 9th year as an HVS Owner. Tony was honored Saturday night at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards in the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Tony also took home the Hanley for Best Photo Keepsake and Best Use of Special Effects. Tony won the the Best of Show - The President's Award for Best Video of the Year as well. Congratulations Tony!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Video Studio Announces 2011 Hanley Award Nominees!

Home Video Studio kicked off its 11th Annual Getaway Convention this week in Las Vegas, NV with the announcements of our nominees for the 11th Annual Hanley Awards. HVS gives out thirty-three awards for excellence in Video to our Studio Owners who compete with work done throughout the past year. The "Hanleys" are our version of the Oscars. Oscar has Best Picture. We have Best Photo Keepsake. Other major Hanleys are Best Documentary, Best Editing, Best Sports Scholarship Video and there are many others.

The Awards will be presented on Saturday night, July 23 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all of our nominees. Nuvidia is the Official Sponsor of the 11th Hanley Awards.

Best Press Release:
Alan & Kim Fon Home Video Studio New Business Press Release
David Gardner Award Winning Video Studio opens in Kanata
Jeff & Kim Johnson Video Business owner hopes to archive Moorpark

Best Sports Scholarship:
Tony & Lori Melendez Brett Bass Defensive Back Avon Lake HS
Vince Tugadi Jared Griffey Clarksville High
Rick & Cheryl Matlock Stephanie Henry volleyball

Best Sports Highlights Video:
Steve Dalbec Eagles 2010
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox
Nick & Lana Cate Peachtree City Sherman Chiefs 2010

Cut and Paste Award for Editing:
Tony Miklos Its Our Time 2010
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox

Best Open House:
Gary Hoffman The Inverted Household
Alan & Kim Fon Home Video Studio Corpus Christi Grand Opening
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo Golden Open House

Best Wedding Video:
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Conant-Dotson Wedding
Rafael & Ines Naar Katie and Wade
Tony & Lori Melendez Ken & Sarrah

Best DVD/CD Label Imprint:
Peter and Sharon Galluzzo Flow Corporation
Chad Godfrey Because we re all connected
David Gardner Vivaglobin

Best Use of Titles:
Ken Sander St. Francis 2006-2011 Boys Basketball Highlights
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo HVS Preserving Memories Promo
Chad Godfrey The Story of Jack and Jenn

Best Use of Music:
Pete Gallo Rheinmetall Defence
Nick & Lana Cate Peachtree City Sherman Chiefs 2010
Arthur Bradshaw Master Hwangs Tae Kwon Do

Best Documentary:
Chad Godfrey Inspired Visions
Pete Gallo Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce 2010 Golf Outing
Dan Weiniger Birth of a Studio

Best Use of Home Movie Transfer:
Dan Weiniger Weineger Family Home Movies
Tony Miklos Our 50 Years Together: Bill & Joan 1960-2010
Darrell Day Happy Birthday Charlene!

Best Use of Humor:
Pete Gallo I Just Don t Look Good Naked Anymore
Dan Weiniger Hey Robert
Chad Godfrey Don & Geri Celebrating 50 Years

Best Company Promo:
Kirk Douglas Larson Custom Remodeling
Jeff & Kim Johnson
Arthur Bradshaw Master Hwangs Tae Kwon Do

Dr. Strangelove:
Peter Gallo I Just Don t Look Good Naked Anymore
Dan Weiniger When the Shoe Drops
Ken Sander The Great Cupscapade

Best Photo Keepsake Video:
Nick & Lana Cate Tyler and Rachel Wedding Rehearsal Montage
Tony Miklos Our 50 Years Together Bill and Joan 1960-2010
Tony & Lori Melendez Celebrating 50 Years: Angelo and Marilyn DelPrincipe

Best DVD Authoring:
Keith & Imee Osantowski A Celebration of Life: William J. Patterson
Steve Dalbec Ziggy and Lollipop-The First Twenty Years
Chad Godfrey Kindergarten Kickoff

Best Short Video:
Joel & Jennifer Miller Bridgefest 2011
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox
David Gardner Cappuvino, the Authentic Winemaking Experience

Best Use of Motion:
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected
Ken Sander Matt & Veronika
Tony Miklos Ohio Northeast February 2011

Best Video Production:
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Janice Lennard Yoga
David Gardner Cappuvino the Authentic Winemaking Experience
Brian Engquist HR Alliance

Best Rookie Video:
Mike Hess The Sweethearts of the Horseshoe
Joel & Jennifer Miller Bridgefest 2011
Dan Weiniger Richard Rubin s Entertainment Reel

Best Event Video:
Tony & Lori Melendez Step by Step Dance Academy
Brian Engquist Wolves
Dan Weiniger The New Jersey Table Tennis Club October Tournament

Best Mixed Photo Video Keepsake:
Art Zepeda Shark Atttack
Chad Godfrey Cole Prstojevich [Presto Vitch]
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo Happy Birthday Derek

Best Studio Tag:
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo - HVS Logo in Motion Tag
Chad Godfrey HALO Studio Tag 2011
Mike Hess HVS Tag

Best LifeSTORY Video:
Pete Gallo A Tribute to the Veteran Residents of Heritage Point
Miguel Salas Marty Phalen
David Gardner Phyllis Gillespie, 100 Years Young

That a Wrap! Best Vehicle Signage:
Roy & Trudy Wilson It s wrapped to go!
Dan Weiniger It s a Wrap Westfield s Studiomobile
Arthur Bradshaw Got DVD

Best Studio Promo:
Art Zepeda From Birth to Graduation
Dan Weiniger The Facts About Video
Chad Godfrey Home Video Studio Lee s Summit Demo Reel

Best Use of Special Effects:
Brian Engquist When God Talks
Tony Miklos It s Our Time 2010
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected

Best Memorial Video:
Ken Sander In Memory: Eugene R. Mertes
Steve Dalbec Mary s Memorial
Dan Weiniger Andrew

Best Use of Green Screen:
Alan & Kim Fon Island Digital Images, LLC Web Promo
Chad Godfrey Chamber 101 Get Plugged In
Rafael and Ines Naar Soaring Dove Connection

Best DVD/CD Cover:
Tony Miklos 100 Years of Hungarian Scouts
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Janice Lennard
Chad Godfrey Kindergarten Kickoff

Friday, July 8, 2011

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo - Part-Time to Full-Time!

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo are Home Video Studio owners in Apex, NC and they did extremely well last month working from their home in a business that they love. Peter and Sharon left the rat race.

Peter and Sharon opened their studio in June of 2008 with a goal of Peter devoting himself full-time as soon as possible. After straddling a full time career and their studio for a little over two years Peter and Sharon decided to make the jump to full time in October of last year. Peter left the comfort of his six-figure nine-to-five corporate computer/IT job to go full time as a Home Video Studio Owner. Seems like it's paying off.

Peter and Sharon share a formula that works well for many of our studio owners. Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon is well-versed in public relations and fundraising. Together they make a great team able to handle both the marketing and technical aspects of the business and they can do it all from home, staying close to their two daughters.

Peter and Sharon came to a Show ‘N Tell Discovery day and made a decision that changed and enriched their lives. What about you?

Are you happy but not really satisfied? Does your heart of hearts tell you to go for it? Are golden handcuffs keeping you chained to a desk? We all have choices. You have choices. Ask the Galluzzos about their choice.

Call me, Robert Hanley 866-714-1956. I will be happy to discuss Home Video Studio with you.

P.S. Still time to join us in Las Vegas for our Show ‘N Tell Discovery Day at Getaway 11! Meet Peter and Sharon in person! Talk to other owners. Join us at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards Gala Celebration Dinner.

May the Force be with you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Our 20 Year Anniversary! $5180 off of A Home Video Studio ends Saturday, July 2!

Twenty years ago on June 14, 1991, my wife and I made a decision to focus on two things – making money and doing something we loved. We had two young children, a passion for building our own business and quite simply working for someone else was no longer an option for me. We decided to roll the dice and take a chance.

Flash Forward Twenty years and Home Video Studio - that business we started in the upstairs spare bedroom of our suburban home is now the number one video services franchise in the United States. Home Video Studio has sixty-nine studios in three countries: The United States, Canada and Sweden. Eight of those are retail locations (Studio Stores). It’s a wonderful business!

As our way of saying THANK-YOU, We are doing something we have never done before – offering 10% off of any studio sold on or before July 2 (our next Show 'N Tell Saturday) This is a huge savings of $5180.00! We hope you will take advantage of this money saving offer.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, be creative, do something you love, stay home with the family, leave the rat race, and run your own business – your own Home Video Studio then this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and a once in twenty year offer from us. We would love to have you join the Home Video Studio Family.

Our 20th ANNIVERSARY THANK-YOU OFFER of $5150.00 off of any Home Video Studio sold in June has had a ton of response. Hurry! This promotion ends with our Show ‘N Tell Saturday on July 1st and 2nd. Call today. We can discuss your next steps. Call 317-358-5932 or 866-714-1956.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dan Weiniger Leaves Rat Race of High Finance for High Tech!

Dan Weiniger has worked in high finance at the American Stock Exchange, in high calories as the owner of two ice cream shops and now in high tech as a Home Video Studio owner. Obviously, Dan isn’t afraid of heights – and his daily discipline to move his business upward is paying off. That’s why Dan Weiniger is April’s Studio Owner of the Month.

Dan, like many of our studio owners, came to Home Video Studio by way of his love for photography and video as a hobby while working in a different field. Although he grew up in New Jersey Weiniger got a degree in finance from Arizona State University and soon found himself owning a seat in the bustling environs of Wall Street and later on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. How cool is that? Just like the movie Trading Places!

“It was cool,” says Weiniger, “but it was very hectic and, like any other business, a trend started where smaller margins and larger operating costs were making it harder for me to squeeze out a profit and I began to wonder if it was worth it for me.”

Dan’s natural entrepreneurial instincts kicked in another cool direction – literally – and he decided to own and operate a couple of ice cream stores is Florida. But alas, Dan’s financial muse called him back to the business of selling for Northwestern Mutual Life.

Soon after Dan met his wife Jan and they found themselves back in New Jersey and, after the adoption of their daughter, Dan settled in to be a stay-at-home dad and enjoy his family.

As life sometimes goes, however, there was a curve in the plan. Dan found out that he had congestive heart failure and had suffered a heart attack without even knowing it. Upon recovery he made the decision that there would be a few changes in his life. His abiding love of video and photography caused him to enroll in a class in visual communications.

It was in this class that Dan met Pete Gallo, who was in the video services business, was enjoying it and was making good money at home. Pete, one of our very successful studio owners, told Dan about Home Video Studio and soon Dan was on the road to studio ownership.

“I went to Show-N-Tell feeling good about this business,” says Weiniger. “I got a good vibe from Robert’s humility and from the energy of the studio owners that I talked to.”

Dan is now in his eighth month as an owner. His daily diligence, his creativity, his customer service skills, his drive and his sales skills all fuel the stuff that make for a good Home Video Studio owner.

“I like running a successful business and I like being home with my family,” says Weiniger, “that’s why this is a perfect fit for me!”

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Man Just Turned His 401k Into A Home Video Studio!

Five months ago Darrell Day was happy but not content. He was talented but not fulfilled even though he worked at the second happiest place on earth. (Home Video Studio headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana). Darrell Day was a long-time associate with Home Video Studio, most recently serving as the Director of Studio Services for the company. Darrell also holds a Masters degree in Music Education with an emphasis on voice and composition and is an accomplished pianist and brass player as well. Still five months ago in mid-December Darrell was uneasy - and it was not because of holiday stress.

Like many Americans a question gnawed at him. The gnawing was relentless as was his search for the answer. This question that kept running through his head - when he woke up, during the day and when his head hit the pillow – was, “Is this all there is?” This was the question. Home Video Studio was Darrell’s answer.

Darrell told me about his interest in Home Video Studio on December 15th, 2010 and less than ten weeks later he opened his new Home Video Studio. Along the way we helped Darrell convert his 401k (without penalty) to fund his studio. You might say that his 401k paved his way! Today he is smiling all the way to the bank, as is evident in these pictures I snapped today.

Darrell’s love for his Home Video Studio centers around the wide variety of wonderful products and services we offer. An extremely creative, very detail oriented, and customer service intentional person, Darrell is finally in his element applying the skills that make for a successful Home Video Studio owner. Has the decision to change done Darrell good? Indeed it has. Darrell liked it so much he decided to make another big change in his life. In June of 2011 he will marry Tanya, the true love of his life.

Does the same question gnaw at you sometimes? Are you happy but not content? Are you comfortable but not all you can be? Are all of your skills tested every day? Do you get paid enough for your expertise and abilities? Maybe it’s time to search for an answer.

Three ways to begin your search with Home Video Studio: 1) Attend our next Show ‘N Tell Webinar (Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.), 2) Request an information packet or 3) Call me. I’m Robert Hanley. Let’s chat. Call anytime: 866-714-1956.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David Gardner - Ottawa, Canada Studio Owner Of The Month!

One of the best reasons to own a franchise is because you are investing in a proven system. That’s S.Y.S.T.E.M. – as in “Save Your Self Time Energy Money.” David Gardner, Home Video Studio Ottawa, Ontario found that out when he made the choice to invest in Home Video Studio. In his first year as a studio owner he garnered triple the earnings he made being in business by himself. Now, halfway through his second year, he is on track to double his first year. David is our Home Video Studio March Owner of the Month.

David, like many of our owners, spent the first part of his career in the corporate high-tech industry. As a design engineer Gardner worked with such things as lasers, fiber optics and document reading devices. Then came a blow that’s all too common these days. After twenty years in the industry he was laid off. After finding a similar position in the industry he was laid off from that too. It didn’t take long for David to realize that it was a new world out there!

“I was getting tired of the roller coaster.” says Gardner, “I was finding myself going to twelve or thirteen interviews for a job I wasn’t sure I wanted anymore.” As things often work out David saw an opportunity open up.

“I went to a friend whose hobby was video production. I wanted to make a montage for my wife’s birthday, and when I saw the equipment, the software and of course the emotional final product I got excited and wondered if a guy could make a business out of this.”

Gardner did make a business out of it, buying equipment and self-training. He began to pick up clients like dance studios, weddings and corporate promos. Still the sporadic nature of the business and the failure to get the prices he needed kept him from really moving his business ahead. Yet another roller coaster.

While browsing the web for ideas to improve his business he came across the Home

Video Studio website and recalled ads he had seen in past years in Video Maker magazine for Home Video Studio. With encouragement from his wife to get things happening with his business, he decided it was now or never and began the steps of looking into a franchise. Soon David was on board with no intentions of looking back.

“There are many things I like about Home Video Studio that I never would have thought of – or didn’t have the resources to do – on my own.” says Gardner. “The website stands out. The tracking system they provide keeps my productivity up and my panic level down. The constant training I receive is the best. My interaction with other owners allows me to get tips I would have never gotten otherwise. And just the camaraderie - it’s fantastic!”

Being in business for yourself – but not by yourself. That’s the Home Video Studio way. And it seems to be a way that suits David Gardner, Home Video Studio’s March Studio Owner of the Month.

Robert's Note: David Gardner is our Studio Owner of the Month for 2010-11. As such, David was our keynote speaker at this year's Advanced Training. See David's keynote, speech click here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grand Opening: Home Video Studio Corpus Christi, TX!

Alan and Kim Fon of Port Aransas, Texas celebrated the Grand Opening of their HVS Studio Store last week (March 24th). I flew into Corpus Christi to attend their grand opening and what an opening it was! Nearly 200 people attended. It was a spectacular event! I snapped this picture at the end of the evening. Alan and Kim worked for Dell for years and then decided to start their own business. We’re glad they found Home Video Studio and I think, judging from the huge smiles on their faces, they are pretty happy as well. Want to take a virtual tour of Alan and Kim's HVS Studio Store? Click here.

Let’s discuss your new studio. It could be in your home or in a strip mall like Alan and Kim’s. Call me today: 866-714-1956. Let’s chat.

May the Force be with you!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Studio Owners Joel & Jennifer Miller Find Their Piece of the American Dream!

The American Dream: Wealth, Health, Opportunity, Choice and Control; one thing that we all dream of is the freedom to march to our own drummer and to have some control in our lives. Joel and Jennifer Miller of Aberdeen, New Jersey, our March Studio Owners of the Month, believe in that dream. They took action to make that dream happen for themselves and now they march to the beat of their own drum.

Joel Miller graduated from film school in 1985.He became a film editor for a production company in Manhattan that produced, among other things, films of the Olympics. Gradually Joel moved into the corporate life and became a sales executive for fine art photography. Jennifer ran the office of a large corporation. They settled down in suburban New Jersey.

“It was a great lifestyle,” says Joel, “but it still wasn’t what we wanted. I enjoyed working in New York on cool projects and making pretty good money – but we wanted to work for ourselves. Plus, I was spending up to four hours a day just commuting!” Not exactly conducive to the quality family time that Joel and Jennifer treasure with their two children. So they began looking for opportunities.

They found an opportunity at a franchise expo in the Meadowlands in New Jersey when they came across Home Video Studio. “It was what I was looking for,” says Joel. It was a package, a system where I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel to get started.” On October 1, 2010 Joel and Jennifer opened their franchise in Watertown, NJ and have been steadily building their business ever since. As a matter of fact in February they were in the top five sales three out of four weeks!

With Jennifer’s obvious administration skills and work ethic, combined with Joel’s video chops and salesmanship the Miller’s future as entrepreneurs looks bright. “We believe we can really grow a great profitable business,” says Joel. Their next goal is to have a storefront studio.

Do Joel and Jennifer feel they are on the path of the American Dream? “Every sale made, every project successfully completed is a small victory for us – and it’s OUR victory. That’s the best thing.”

Congratulations to Joel and Jennifer Miller, March’s HVS Studio Owners of the Month.

What about YOU? Cutting the “Golden Handcuffs” of corporate life is not always easy but why do you march to the beat of someone else’s dream? Why do you continue to take work home on the weekends? In fact, are the weekends the only time you have to see your kids or to spend quality time with your spouse? What about time for odd jobs around the house, hobbies, sports, a round of golf? Home Video Studio can be the solution to your situation and the answer to your dreams. Contact us today and we’ll find a way to to give you a shot at your American Dream.

Call 866-714-1956. Let’s chat!

May the Force be with you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own!"

"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own."

This wisdom provides a great outlook and, according to Pete Gallo, a necessary way to live if you’re in business for yourself. Perhaps this is why Pete, a former Studio Owner of the Year, is Home Video Studio’s January Studio Owner of the Month.

“There are many things I like as a business owner,” says Pete, who operates his studio in Hasbrouck Heights NJ, “but the most satisfying is the feeling of self determination and empowerment. When things are up I take pride. Conversely, when things are a little down I take responsibility and action to get them right.”

Gallo, who started his career as an Electrical Engineer, found himself in a precarious position a little over six years ago when he was laid off from his corporate job. Video was a hobby of his and this unexpected circumstance helped him decide it was time to turn it into a profession.

“I knew I wanted to do video for a living, but I had natural concerns about starting from scratch and going it alone,” says Pete. Ironically (or not) he became aware of Home Video Studio and found it was a fit. “It seemed like the perfect foundation because I would be involved with people who had been there before.”

Quick to act Pete attended a Show-N-Tell Saturday Discovery Day, liked what he saw and heard, and became a studio owner. Now Pete has four employees involved with him on a part time basis and many happy clients. Whether it’s Video Transfers, Film Transfer, Video Shooting and Production or any of the other Home Video Studio profit centers he enjoys the diversity and mix of services he offers. His expertise is also on display as a recipient of several Hanley Awards including Best Short Video and Best CD/DVD Label and Imprint.

One award of note that adorns Pete’s studio is the Relationship Mindset Award. The logical and technical world of software and machinery comes easy for Pete, but he is quick to say that a genuine desire to help people is what makes him successful.

Taking control, assuming responsibility and running to serve. Three ingredients that keep Pete Gallo at the top among his peers and make us proud to call him January Studio Owner of the Month.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Darrell Day Opens His Own Home Video Studio!

Today I went to one of my favorite places on earth – The Apple Store! And even though I love my Apple store, this blog entry is not about The Apple Store but rather who I went there with and why: Darrell Day, our former Director of Video Services for Home Video Studio. I say former because after eight years of being associated with HVS and the last two being spent as our Director of Studio Services, Darrell has decided to open his own Home Video Studio.

Darrel worked out of our Flagship Home Video Studio (in my home) in Indianapolis for two years. His office was right by the door that our customers come through. Darrell watched the endless parade of happy customers who came in day by day, week after week and year in and year out. Darrel is a Music Composer by trade or profession so he has always had that creative passion. Like many of you reading this, Darrell had his time of “thinking it over”. And then, one day he just took a decision.

Darrell puts it like this: “I’m very excited about opening up my own studio. A lot of opportunities, a lot of challenges, a lot of things for me to learn. I look at Home Video Studio as a way for me to be of service to people in my community so I can’t wait to begin.”

Darrel opens his Home Video Studio in about two weeks. He will be attending his first Advanced Training in about three weeks! Timing is everything. Congratulations Darrell!

What about you? What are you waiting for? Call me. Let’s discuss your studio ownership: 866-714-1956 or 317-358-5932.

May the Force be with you!

Robert Hanley

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HVS Announces 12th Annual Advanced Training Schedule

Twelve years ago, Home Video Studio announced its first Advanced Training. The year was 1999 and we were excited! Now we are even more excited. 2011 marks more than one milestone with HVS. Twenty years ago this coming June 14, 1991 is the day I made a decision to stop being a starving artist and to stop, take a look and make a change in my life. I chose to focus on simply making money to support my family. Luck, synchronicity and the grace of God helped me find the way. Today, the company I founded that day in 1991 is the top franchise in the world for video and photography and video services.

Today, we are releasing our schedule for our 12th Annual Advanced Training for all HVS franchisees. We call them simply Studio Owners. Many of them have become my close friends. Others are treasured and valued studio owners whom I look forward to seeing each year. All are simply and truly members of the HVS Family. All of the HVS staff and HVS Family will get together in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 27 through March 5 at the 12th Annual Advanced Training. I suggest you join us!

Much happens that week. For many Studio Owners, it is their first major HVS training. I always acquaint it to... like going back to college (assuming that you loved college and had an absolute ball!). Advanced Training is seven days of training, camaraderie, fun, tech, sales, marketing, games, food, dinners, jokes, family time, learning and most of all: serious franchisees building their businesses. I call it our Mini-College of HVS.

What's happening this year? Same as always plus more! Some or our traditions go back to our first Advanced Training, i.e. Pizza and a Movie Night and our Celebration Dinner. Other traditions go back only a few years (the unofficial game night). What always moves studio owners forward is our strong focus on both sales & marketing and technical training. This year we have over fifty classes and events for studio owners to choose from: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Video Production, Green Screen, Networking, Sales, Marketing, Photoshop For Video, Soundtrack, Motion, Sports Video, Corporate Videos, Weddings, HDSLR Production, Photo Books, Social Media, Facebook, and tons more! Over twenty presenters and over fifty studios from three countries will train and teach together. And not one studio owner will pay one thin dime for this training. It's the Giver's Gain philosophy.

In the end, it is all about moving each studio forward. After all, Home Video Studio may seem like a super fun game but it is a business. The top business in it's field

Come join us. Call me today and let's discuss YOU opening up your own HOME VIDEO STUDIO. It could be out of your home like Pete Gallo of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ or you could open up a new studio store like Alan and Kim Fon of Corpus Christi, TX. They opened this week.

If you have dabbled on your PC or MAC with with photos, video, sound, music, etc. then you have probably wondered if you can make a living at this. You can.

If you have sat in your office or taken work home on the weekend and wished there was another way, there is.

If you have wondered why you are building someone else's dream instead of your own, well there is a way to start now and build something in your city (if a territory is open).

Call me. Robert Hanley - 866-714-1956. Let's talk.

May The Force Be With You!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Video Studio At CES in Las Vegas!

Wow! There has never been a better time to open a Home Video Studio! Denise and I are attending CES this week and there are a zillion screens out here! Content is the name of the game right now. Home Video Studios change content, modify it, convert it and create it! We have a passion for everything tech and enjoy working with our customers on a daily basis. Denise took this picture at the opening day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday. We'll be out here for three more days looking at new trends in video. No doubt we'll find a few new ways to make money with video and digital images!

Call me. Let's talk about a Home Video Studio in your community - 866-714-1956.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Entrepreneur Magazine Chooses Home Video Studio #1 Photography & Video Franchise!

Home Video Studio is proud to announce that Entrepreneur Magazine has chosen us the Number One Franchise for Photography and Video Services. We are also rated #273 in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500. Thanks Entrepreneur!

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May the Force be with you!

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