Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wanted: Assistant Motion Picture Producer

Robert's Drive In circa 1981
In the Spring of 1981 I owned and operated a Drive-in restaurant called Robert’s (influenced by George Lucas’s American Graffiti of course…). I was sitting at the counter drinking a malted one day and happened on to a classified ad in The Commercial News – Danville, Illinois’s equivalent of the New York Times (several times removed).

“Wanted: Assistant Motion Picture Producer.”  The ad seemed to jump off of the page! Of course I called the number in the ad immediately. Joe Larson answered the phone (I have changed his name for this article) and explained that he was an amateur super-8 filmmaker and he wanted to shoot weddings for profit. And…he wanted a partner.  I drove to Danville the next day and we decided to start our new business together.

There was one huge problem. Joe turned out to be a talker and not a doer. Most of our meetings consisted of Joe laying out issues of American Cinematographer and other such magazines and then swooning over the equipment and gear. “Look at this crane… wow… here’s a new  Chapman dolly. Months went by and we had not shot one frame of film!

One day, out of the blue. I got a call from Bill Massey, one of my father’s friends who was big-time into the Indiana Lions organization. Bill had read about our fledgling film company in that same newspaper – The Commercial News. Bill explained that the Indiana Lions Eye Bank wanted a new documentary about their eye bank – shot on 16mm - fifteen minutes long. This sounded like a real production and it was! It was also so much better and freakingly more awesome than shooing weddings on super-8 film. And yes, I just made up the word freaklingly. Get over it.

I raced over to Joe’s house that evening and surprised him with my good news.

Joe was not excited. He was not thrilled. With a forlorn look on his face he explained the realities of professional film production (his realities). We would have to rent the equipment, cameras, lights, mikes and crew. We would have to learn how to use all the new gear and then somehow get the film edited. For that we would need something called a Moviola – a huge desk-like metal film professional editing machine. Essentially Joe told me all the reasons why we could not pursue making this film for the Indiana Lions Eye Bank film. It was over our heads according to Joe.

I was stunned by Joe’s flat out rejection of this cool new project.

But I wasn’t really surprised once I started to consider it. While Joe was scared of learning new gear and striking out on a 16mm film production, I was super excited! This was going to be my opportunity!

That's Me with my Arriflex BL 16mm Camera!
Six months later, I was sitting in my mobile home (Denise and I lived in a mobile home at that time) editing my first film “Our Goal is in Sight.” A huge Moviola filled the living room (Denise freaked out at first) and there were 16mm film clips hanging everywhere, even from the ceiling!

Fear held Joe back from pursuing his dream and moving forward. Fear is what holds most people back from pursuing their dreams.

Fear of failure and fear of change.  Some are just flat out scared. This is natural. You have to get past the fear to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Getting started is the key. Finding a mentor is essential. Then you need a system and a plan.

What I have always found is that once I actually committed myself to a goal that I wanted to achieve… any fears I had vanished almost instantly. This is true for most people. I have seen this over and over in Home Video Studio.

I do hear this a lot: “Once I start, I will commit 110%.” That always irritates me actually because anyone can say that. Talkers are talkers and doers do.

Once you make a decision to start a new business or do anything new really, you then have a different feeling. It’s like adrenaline.  A new strength flows through you and this helps you get your new thing off the ground.

If You want to hear the rest of my story – what happened after the eye bank film (it was a success) download or listen to my free audiobook: “How to Start and Run Your Own Home Video Studio.” CLICK THIS LINK.  I share a lot of the HVS plan in this book.

It does take a bit of courage to start a Home Video Studio. The first real step is to come to call me.  Call me anytime at my cell 317-358-5932.

I made a call in 1981 that changed my life.

By the way, Joe was right on one thing. I had to learn a whole bunch of things! One of them was how to get that Moviola through a mobile home door! All of it was a blast!

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

Monday, September 26, 2016

Video Production Training - Start A Video Production Business

Once you start with Home Video Studio we will take you through our twelve month training program covering everything from back office operations, to marketing and advertising to production and post-production. It's exciting! It's fun! 

Basic Training – Five days in Indianapolis. 
Focus on: Basics of getting business, pricing, editing and beginning producing/directing/editing classes.

Advanced Training – six days in Indianapolis.
Focus on: Core Classes and Electives. This is our mini-college of video production and post production – Classes on Premiere Pro, FCP 10, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects, Lighting, Greenscreen, Sound, Production (Documentary Style Production, Events, Web Shoots, Weddings, etc), Selling, Sales and Closing, Advertising, Marketing, Pricing, Production & Editing Theory, Software Shortcuts and more.

The Getaway (our annual conference) - five days, this next year in Tucson, AZ. We continue our  Core classes and electives plus we have on-location studio backlot shooting and production classes for the entire five days. 
Once you start with Home Video Studio there is something going on every week training wise. This week we have three events. 

Join us! There is still time to register for our next Basic Training in early October.

We have a Show 'N Tell Saturday Seminar on October 1. 

We have studio owners from all over the United States, Canada and even Stockholm, Sweden. 

Change your life. Change your lifestyle. Join us. 

Our next Show 'N Tell Saturday is in Indianapolis on Saturday, October 1. Call for details: 317-358-5932. 
Our next Basic Training class starts on Monday, October 3rd. You will learn how to start and run your own video production company.

We have room for one or two more students. Call or email if you would like to know more about our program and attending this training.  Call me anytime on my cell 317-358-5932 or email me at

Let’s get started!

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

Download my free audio book:
"How to Start & Run
Your Own Home Video Studio."

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Home Video Studio - Serious Income, Fun Business!

One of the most asked questions I receive is about money.  Questions like:  How much money can I make? Can I make X amount of money? Can I replace my income?

If the question comes first – like it’s the number one topic you bring up when we first talk then most likely you are not a good candidate to start a business or at least a Home Video Studio.

If the question comes later on after you and I have chatted a bit, the opposite is true. Perhaps you are a person who can succeed at this business. It’s natural to want to have an understanding on how much you can make and how soon especially when the entry level is $62,900.00. But… your passion has to come first.

That’s right currently it takes about $62,900.00 to get into Home Video Studio. NOTE: We have a price increase coming soon but for now you can still buy in at this price.  

“Serious Income, Fun Business.” That’s our slogan. We’ll teach you everything about this business including making money.  If you’ve got the passion, we can put you into this profession.

How much money can you make? That is up to you. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never know until you try – until you make it happen.

Tomorrow on Wednesday, I am flying to Houston to finish the install for one of our newest owners, Troy Griggs. Troy found us in Videomaker. He is in his forties, married with two children. Troy is making it happen.

We have a Basic Training starting in early October. Two new studio owners will be training:  a retired man in his 60s and a TV Production Shooter in his forties. I have one slot open at this training. Can you make it happen? We have a spot for you.

Why not get started now? Call me and let’s chat. I know this business inside and out. You’re going to have a ball. You’re going to love it. You’re going to make money and have fun.

Call 317-358-5932 or call toll free 866-714-1956. 

Nothing happens until you actually start. You take action. You make it happen.

May the Force be with You.

Best Regards,

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ready For A New Adventure?

This week, your kids went back to school and you went back to work. The kids are in for a brand new adventure with new teachers and new classmates. Possibly you went back to a job you dread or even hate. Or… maybe you're just bored. 

If you've been dreaming of your own new adventure, now is the time!

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship isn't as hard as it seems. With a Home Video Studio business you'll be your own boss, and get access to a proven business model and ongoing support from our team. You’ll never have to go back to work again. 

If you've been considering opening a business - your own Home Video Studio...

Ask yourself this question:
What... is holding you back?

Download my free audio book: 
How to Start & Run 
Your Own Home Video Studio.