Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Home Video Studio Announces Four New Studio Packages! Start Your Own Video Business!

We’ve added more value to our Home Video Studio Systems and lowered the entry level at the same time!  Every Studio package now includes our New Signature HVS Edit Desk and DVA Deluxe. Move up to the Director level and we’ll add the HVS Routing Solution – route any video source to any destination instantly. 
The new HVS Signature Edit Desk!
The New HVS Signature Edit Desk!
Included in every Home Video Studio System!
THE EDITOR - $59,995.00 - The Home Video Studio Signature Edit Desk (included in every package) DVA Deluxe - our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System - plus everything else you need to get going in style. Our Editor package puts you in business with an awesome and complete post-production studio. A lot of people start out at this level. 

THE DIRECTOR - $69,995.00 - We add the HVS Routing Solution and one more DVA Deluxe our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System. This increases your efficiency and your power to produce and transfer video. Outfitting your new studio is like opening presents on Christmas morning!

THE PRODUCER - $79,995.00 - We add specifically designed equipment  to help automate your studio so you can get more done in less time. You'll do more work and get it done faster so you'll make more money.

THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - $89,900.00 - If you want to shoot your own video you are going to need some really cool gear. The Executive Producer package includes our Production and Grip Equipment Module: Lights, Camera - Action!

Note: you can add our HVS Production and Grip Equipment Module to any of our systems. All systems include our exclusive twenty-one day, twelve-month training program including onsite installation!

Work from home or from a studio store with any of these packages! We can help you mix and match equipment. Plus if you already have equipment you may not need to spend as much money as someone who is starting out brand new. We are experts in finance. We’ll help you find financing if you need it. 

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