Saturday, April 15, 2017

What's It Like to Run a Video Business From Home?

Robert Hanley CEO of Home Video Studio, Digital Video Archive
People often remark that they are surprised that I answer the phone when they call. I guess that is understandable; I am the CEO of two great companies – Home Video Studio and Digital Video Archive. Yes I am a very busy person but here’s the thing… I love what I do! So I always try to answer the phone. 

In fact, I am trained like Pavlov’s Dog! Ring. Ring. Answer. Answer. So when you call… if you call… I will answer.  Now just watch you call and it's the one time in the history of Hill Valley that I don't answer my phone! Test me! 

I get asked a lot of questions. Today someone asked me what’s it like to run a Home Video Studio. That’s a basic question… right? I guess it was a good day to ask me this because today’s Good Friday. So I am running the studio by myself (easy enough to do).  I’ve had like six customers here this afternoon.  

So what can I tell you about running a studio?

First it is a happy business. People are always excited to be in the studio. We have both consumer clients (a lot of them) and corporate/commercial clients (a lot of them).  For our consumer clients we could be doing anything really – from editing a wedding to transferring fifty tapes to DVD or DVA – Digital Video Archive.  For the more commercial customers we are usually doing some type of editing, special effects or web video. Personally, I love the editing and post-production type of jobs. 

...running a video business can be very profitable and very fun – if… you know the rules..

Now some of the studios do do (yes… I said do do… snicker…) video production as well… if they want to. That’s really a subject for another day – video production and how to do it profitably. If you like video production, we teach all facets and I do mean “all” – including pricing and collecting the money. I’ll talk about video production later this coming week. 

What you’ll find if you open up a studio is that you’ll start to gravitate towards the work you really like to do. You’ll find a specialty – a niche if you will. That could be family histories – lifetime videos or corporate image and web videos. There are many different areas to specialize in. Every day you will be waking up and doing what you want to do, not what you have to do. That’s another reason why this is a happy business. 

Mainly, running a video business can be very profitable and very fun – if… you know the rules and what to do and not to do. That's what I teach you. 

So what’s it like running a Home Video Studio every day? Well if you like people and have an interest in playing with video then it is pure heaven.  Pure heaven. 

See you next time. 

May the Force Be With You.

Robert Hanley
Home Video Studio