Monday, November 30, 2015

Free One Day Seminar - Start Your own Video Business!

Own Your Own Home Video Studio Business!
Would you like to attend a free one-day seminar on starting your own Home Video Studio? We are doing our next Show ‘N Tell Saturday seminar this weekend on Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. (keep reading… we will help with travel expenses – even if you are coming from another country).

It all starts on Friday evening with a get-to-know you dinner at a fine Indianapolis restaurant. We’ll meet at 8:00 p.m. EST and enjoy some food and fellowship.  On Saturday morning we will start at 9:00 a.m. EST and go all day.  We’re going to take you through everything you’ve always wondered about Home Video Studio and more – how it works, hours, part-time, full-time, transitions, studio tour, initial concepts, pricing, software, hardware, etc. The list goes on and on. There is a lot to HVS.

Show ‘N Tell Saturday is a day that changes lives. I have seen it so many times before. We take you through all the ins and outs of opening up a studio business. It is an amazing process and an amazing day. I guarantee it will change your life. Plus if your spouse or partner is on the fence get them to this event. They will be wowed. 

Attendance is free. There is no charge. I reveal a lot about the video business. You are going to learn a lot. Call me or email me ASAP to make arrangements for you and your spouse (or partner) to attend.  We even credit your for your travel expenses (air far, rental car, gas, hotel, meals) assuming you end up buying a studio and many people do.  You’ll have a lot of questions and we’ve got answers but consider these questions.

Are you tired of working for someone else? Would you like to have a second career in the video business? Do you like the idea of working from home. If you already have a video business would you like to bring it light years into the future – and make tons of money? All these things are possible . 

We’ll talk about the money too – How much you can make and how much it takes. Listen, I love video editing and I love to shoot and produce but those things don’t mean anything if you aren’t making the kind of money you want and need.  Get ready to make your reservations to get to Indy this weekend. We have a lot to cover. 
We teach everything from pricing to lighting. 
I will take you through: Video Editing and production – how we price jobs; marketing and advertising – how we get business; collecting the money – how we ask for the entire fee up front whether it is $50.00 or $5000.00. Our technique works nearly every time. We’ll also take you through operations and systems. We’ll cover the training we provide and the two special events you are invited to every year – The Getaway and Advanced Training. Plus you get a glimpse of the Hanley Awards – very cool. 

The question is… can you take action? Call me and check for availability (seating is limited) and let’s make sure you qualify.  Here are the three things I am looking for: 1. You have to have the money or have decent credit so we can help you get the money. We are experts in funding so let us evaluate your situation. 2. You have to be teachable.  In other words you have to be able to follow a plan. 3. You gotta be motivated! Are you excited? Does the idea of playing with all of this cool studio equipment and making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the comfort of your own home excite you? It should.  Hell you should be flying out of your chair and calling me now…. if you can pass that test – those three things…  then you are in like Flint (and if you know that Flint reference I’m going to like you even more).  

The thing is… this business works and works well. It’s the perfect business for the right person. Come and see it. Bring your wife. Bring your husband. Bring your partner. Let’s get this thing going. How many times have you received one of our invites and not acted. Act now. You know what? Twenty-four years ago I read Tony Robbins book: “Awaken the Giant Within.” It worked… but only because I took action. Massive action. We can help you achieve your dreams but you have to get started. 

Call me at 317-358-5932. Email me at Do it today. 

Make it happen. 

I am available any time. 

Show ‘N Tell Saturday Weekend: December 4th and 5th, 2015. Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ll reimburse you for your travel costs (if you come aboard).  Let’s do it. 

Call me. 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Top Ten Questions & Answers to Starting Your Own Home Video Studio Production Company

Here are the answers to questions I get about Starting Your Own Home Video Studio.

This business seems pretty techy.  Can anyone do it?

This is what Miguel Salas, Jacksonville. FL said:  - "Someone that doesn't have the tech know can do this business because of all the help that is available. There are so many people who can show you how to do something." Miguel was a chef prior to purchasing his Home Video Studio. 

I already have a video business but it is not bringing in enough income. Can you help me?

Tony & Lori Melendez - Amherst, OH - "We were already operating our own video business, but we wanted to run it at a higher level with better equipment. We needed a plan and a system like the one offered by Home Video Studio. If you're thinking about HVS, you should go to Show 'N Tell Saturday." Tony and Lori ran the business part-time for seven years and then Tony retired from teaching.  They now run their studio full time. 

I am afraid of making a decision.

Well this isn't really a question but many people get stuck.  Here's how David Gardner - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada puts it. - "It's just a no brainer that this was just a great decision and it is working for me and has lots of potential for growth." David had started a video business and ran it for a couple of years but his old business had plateaued. He found us and joined. HVS allowed him to jump to light speed. 

What's the best thing about running a Home Video Studio?

There are as many answers to this question as there are studio owners. Here's a response from Chad Godfrey - Lee's Summit, MO - "It's a great thing because you call your own shots you make your own schedule you're always there for your kid's soccer game or that school play." Chad went from part time to full time in four months. His wife Susie was expecting their first child when the purchased. I am sure that Chad has never missed a soccer game or piano recital.  How about you? Missing stuff?

What's the Home Video Studio Lifestyle like?

Joe Buerger - Bollingbrook , IL - "One of my challenges was that I was at a point in my life and my career where I looked back and I realized how much time I had spent away from the family. Home Video was a great solution it gave me flexibility and my quality of life back." Are you fighting the rat race? Is your commute to work driving you crazy? Are you missing your kids growing up? Joe found out that there was a better way. Instead of building someone else's business, he started building his own.

Will this work for me even if I'm in my 40's, 50's, or 60's?
Well now it's my turn. I'm Robert Hanley and my passion is helping other people make a transition into the video business. Here's the answer. "Yes. I have helped many people in their 40's, 50's, and 60's to break in and get their studios established. We even have people who started in their 70's. Home Video Studio is a shortcut to success.  Time is of the essence. Right"? The biggest mistake that some people make is waiting. They let perceived roadblocks  get in their way. Usually the roadblock it sounds like a really good reason not to start or not to start a Home Video Studio now.  But the truth is that in 99% of the cases it is FEAR that is manifesting itself as a roadblock - a reason to wait. It's just people lying to themselves. It's normal too. What lie are you telling yourself? 

What happens at Show 'N Tell Saturday? 

Well it is a day and a weekend that changes lives. That is for sure. Most people who come to Show 'N Tell are on the verge of purchasing but they want to meet me. They want to see if I am real and this whole thing is real. I am and it is. Show 'N Tell Saturday actually starts on a Friday and goes though Saturday. We take you through a ton of material while you are here. Most people go home either Saturday night or Sunday. Should you end up purchasing a studio we credit you for your travel coasts to get to Indianapolis so making the trip won't cost you a dime if you come aboard. 

I'm busy that day when is your next Show 'N Tell? 

Okay here is my first lesson. You want to run towards success. Do you think Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino or Steve Jobs waited for things to happen? Granted these are (and in the case of Jobs, were) mega successful people but… the key is to take action. I have always been in a hurry. Some of our best owners are the ones who purchased over the phone or found us on a Monday and bought on a Saturday. You've got to be in a hurry.  So don't ask me when the next SNT is. Find a way to get here and experience it now… assuming we approve you. 

What is the approval process? You mean you don't take on everyone?

We have to approve you just like you have to approve us. We don't sell to everyone.  I have to feel very comfortable with you and we do have an approval process.  My number one question is are you teachable and if we take you on will you work the business. We don't have a crystal ball so we don't know if you will succeed but we will darn sure work as hard as you do to help make your new business a success. Little things go a long way toward gettng approved. How quickly your application gets approved - how much enthusism  you show - and even how quickly you reppond to messages and return calls. We're not going to talk you in to this but if we want you will know it. 

I am ready. I want it. Where do I start?

Call me. Let's start with a chat call and see where it takes us.  My number is 1-317-358-5932 and toll free 1-866-714-1956. I am always available. Always. This is my cell phone. You can email me as well at

One last question. What makes you and Home Video Studio so special? I could do this on my own. 

Well you haven't done it yet or you would not be reading this. I am an expert at making money with video and I've got the smartest team available around me. We're on your team too and our only task is to help you be as successful as you want to be. Our program represents over thirty years of knowledge. We understand the business you want to be in and we are the best. 

Now quit fooling around and call or email. Let's make it happen. 

Robert Hanley
Founder & President Home Video Studio

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Find out how you can own and operate your own studio!
My name is Robert Hanley and I specialize in teaching people how to break into the video production business. If you want to be a Producer/Director/Editor I can take you into that lifestyle even if you have zero experience.

 Video Production…It's very fun. It is very rewarding. There is never a dull moment!
 Join me on Saturday, December 5, 2015 for a life-changing seminar on changing careers (even if you know nothing about video) and finding wonderful and rewarding new lifestyle - perhaps finding your purpose - in the video production arena.

Attend our Home Video Studio Show 'N Tell Saturday Seminar.
Saturday, Saturday December 5, 2015.

We'll cover the following and more:

       Video Production as a business.
       Choosing Productions & Staying Away from Production Traps.
       Pricing Productions for Profit.
       Skills Needed & How We Train You.
       Studio Equipment & Layout.
       Editing & Delivery Systems.
       How You Can Specialize in the Type of Production You Like.

We'll also feature the tenants of the Home Video Studio Network System!

       We're Not A Franchise - No Royalties!
       Turnkey Business - Customizable Studio.
       The Business of the Business - Hi Profit Potential.
       Proven Marketing Plan.
       No Experience Needed.
       Complete Training Program.

We train on Video Production, Editing, Editing systems - Premiere Pro CC & Final Cut X, Photoshop, Digital Video Archive,  After Effects, Audition, Corporate Image Production, Event & Wedding Videography, Documentary Production and Documentary Style Production, Cameras, Lighting, Sound, Make up and basically everything including the business of the business. Sound Exciting? It is very Exciting!

Our next Basic Training Sessions start in December! You could be there!

Call me at 317-358-5932 or 866-714-1956 or email me today. Let's chat. 

I am going to cover a ton of stuff during this one-day seminar. Let's discuss your future in the video production industry. Check us out at: Today is the first day your new life in video production. Let's make it happen.

May the Force be with You!