Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Arthur Bradshaw - July Studio Owner of the Month!

Arthur Bradshaw in his Home Video Studio

The Suffolk VA area is rich in history.  Between the American Revolution, The Civil War and even a trading post dating back to 1608 this area is a cradle of many events that shaped our country.  But Suffolk's richest culture lies with her people, and Arthur Bradshaw, one of her native sons, daily works in his Home Video Studio to ensure the preservation and memories of this heritage by providing 'Video Services for Everyone".  Meet Arthur Bradshaw, Home Video Studio owner from Suffolk VA and our July Studio Owner of the Month.
"This is the area I grew up in and love," says Arthur. "I knew that after college there was no place else I wanted to be. So I chose to return and make my life here. I have family here and a deep appreciation for all the wonderful people of this area."
Arthur attended high school in Suffolk, then attended Coker College, a liberal arts college in South Carolina as a biology major.  "People ask me if I majored in biology because I wanted to be a dentist like my dad," muses Bradshaw, "but really it was more like I had to pick a major and biology -  starting with a 'B' - was near the top of the list."   But Arthur did excel in his scientific classes, learning the importance of discipline, attention to detail and how systems worked together.  He even began master's classes in endocrinology.  
But Bradshaw had a few other passions as well.  One was being creative and working with video. "I was always making slideshows for friends," says Arthur, "and my buddies and I made little movies, and I enjoyed the process of conceptualizing a story, shooting it, and especially editing."  He also met a pretty girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with - and so he took a position with a leading multi-national distributor of industrial supplies, equipment, and other commercial items.  
Arthur spent ten years in this position and learned many skills that would suit him later on.  He learned to be a self-starter and made "getting the job done" a way of life to personally meet the needs of his clients.  But he also knew that it was time to heed a voice inside him.  "I knew I had always pictured myself having my own business and it felt like time," says Bradshaw. "I was thankful for the skills I had developed but I still wanted to try doing something for myself in a creative field."
Arthur Bradshz
Plus, as he looked around at the corporate world he sensed a certain uneasiness.  Acquisitions.  Closings.  Layoffs.  "I know I am not immune to the things that life hands you," says Arthur, "but I at least want to handle things on my own terms."  So Bradshaw began looking at business opportunities.  It wasn't long before Arthur's wife, as wives often do, found the answer.      

"One day Brenda saw an opportunity on the web for Home Video Studio ownership. I filled out some information, got a phone call, attended a webinar and before long I was on the road to owning my own video business."
In June of 2010 Arthur opened his studio on a part-time basis. Less than a year later he made a big decision and went full-time in April of 2011 - as he had planned and on his own terms. In a very short time Arthur has excelled at his new life.  He is frequently among the top income earners of Home Video Studio.  And creatively he has won Best Company Promo, Best Documentary, Best Studio Tag, and The Rising Star Award at the Hanley Awards, an international award ceremony for video excellence. 
Was Home Video Studio a good decision for Arthur Bradshaw?  "This truly is like a family," says Arthur, "and, like a family, I can always count on support when I need it - from the home office to other owners in Home Video Studio."
All his life Arthur has been preparing for success in his business.  He has learned creativity, attention to detail, getting the job done, knowing his clientele, asking for support when he needs it, and giving support when others need it.  We have a feeling Arthur Bradshaw will be a success well into the future.