Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arthur Bradshaw - Awarded HVS's Rising Star for 2012!

 In June of 2010 Arthur Bradshaw opened his studio in Suffolk VA on a part-time basis. Less than a year later he made a big decision and went full-time in April of 2011. In a very short time Arthur has excelled at his new life - winning Hanley Awards for Best Company Promo, Best Studio Tag and Best Documentary.  Most notably, however, Arthur took home The Rising Star Award at the Hanley Awards this past July at Home Video Studio’s Annual Getaway in Las Vegas.  
The Suffolk VA area is rich in history, stories and memories. So what better story than a hometown boy who dedicates himself to the preservation and archiving of Suffolk's rich heritage and its people? 
"This is the area I grew up in and love," says Arthur. "After college I chose to return and make my life here. I have a deep appreciation for the wonderful people of this area.  What drives me to succeed are my love of creativity, an attention to detail and knowing my clientele and what’s important to them.” 
Upon high school graduation Arthur attended Coker College, a liberal arts college in South Carolina. A biology major he learned the importance of attention to detail and how systems worked together, but he had another lifelong passion. He liked to be creative and enjoyed moving people emotionally through images and sound.
"I was always making slideshows for friends," says Arthur, "and my buddies and I made little movies, and I enjoyed the process of shooting and especially editing."

After graduating from college Arthur worked in sales and marketing as an account representative for a leading multi-national distributor of supplies, equipment and other commercial items. In this position he learned to be a self-starter, and made "getting the job done" a way of life to personally meet the needs of his clients.
After ten years Arthur decided to put his entire skill set to work. "I needed a change," says Bradshaw. "I developed an attention to detail, a perseverance to get a job done and good customer relations skills, but I still wanted to try doing something for myself in a creative field." Arthur's wife, as wives often do, found the answer.
"One day Brenda saw an opportunity on the web for Home Video Studio ownership. I filled out some information, got a phone call and before long I was on the road to a lifestyle I had been looking for.”
As a Rising Star recipient Arthur has demonstrated a consistent and verifiable involvement in his business at every level.  Besides sales volume, creativity and customer satisfaction Arthur is quick to help out his HVS colleagues and is continually educating himself with all that Home Video Studio has to offer, from trainings to twice-weekly conference calls to technical, marketing and on-line support.
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