Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You’re invited to Home Video Studio Show ‘N Tell Saturday!

Who:  You!
When:  Saturday, January 17, 2015.
Where: Our Flagship HVS Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Why: There are a lot of “Whys.”

The “Why” is actually the most important thing. Why not start your own studio? Why wait – you’re not getting any younger. Why… because you have a passion for video, computers, cameras, tech, people and you have always had a strong desire to work for yourself. 

How long have you been considering a change?

How long have you been thinking about doing something different? Think about it. Six months ago at this time, what were you thinking? A year ago, what was your situation? Two years ago? Five? Ten?

Even last summer you were dwelling on this. Why live someone else’s life? What are you waiting for?

Here is what we have to offer to you:

On Saturday January 17th I will be giving a one-day seminar at my Home Video Studio in Indianapolis. I will share with you that day. I will teach you that day and take you to a place you want to go – owning your own studio.

Show ‘N Tell Saturday actually starts on Friday evening. It’s a weekend thing. So you will travel to Indianapolis on Friday, January 16 and return to your home city on Saturday evening or on Sunday, January 18.

Here is some of what we will be covering:

  • ·      How you make money. Our top studio in November did over $34,000.00.
  • ·      The fundamentals of our business. It’s like your first day of training.
  • ·      The equipment packages. Take a look at the equipment you will be using.
  • ·      Overview of training, support and the HVS business plan.
  • ·      What it takes to get into your own studio – timelines, guidelines and lifestyle.
  • ·      The HVS Lifestyle. What’s it like to run your own studio? We’ll show you!

We pay for your travel, lodging and all costs associated with getting to Indianapolis and back home if you become a studio owner, so don’t worry about flights, hotels, etc. This will be our treat assuming you follow through and become a studio owner.

The great thing about America is that you can, if you wish, become what you want to become. All you have to do is take action. Call me today at 317-358-5832 to reserve your spot at Show ‘N Tell Saturday. You will be glad you did. Oh, you can also email me at Robert@homevideostudio.com

Best Regards,

Robert Hanley
President & Founder
Home Video Studio 

P.S. I know you have a lot of questions. Call me anytime and let’s get the ball rolling. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Home Video Studio & Peter and Sharon Galluzzo - A Winning Combination!

Home Video Studio was started with one purpose: To make money with video. Yes, there are plenty of side benefits that come along with studio ownership - working in a creative field and a family oriented   lifestyle to name a few - but making a good income by providing “Video Services for Everyone” is our reason to exist.

Staying true to this vision Peter and Sharon Galluzzo, Home Video Studio Owners in Apex, North Carolina, made over $30,000 in sales last month – and had fun doing it! And the best part? They have come close to this mark several times before, earning $4.000 to 5,000 or more practically every week.
From their opening in June of 2008 they were “quick out of the gate” and their story, in tandem with their successes, has been frequently documented in the annals of HVS. Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon, his wife, came from a background in public relations and fundraising. Yearning to leave corporate America they decided to risk what they had to get what they wanted. They became Home Video Studio owners. With daily diligence and strategy this powerful team began to build a business that has been on a success track ever since.

The obvious thing people want to know is the Secret of their Success. We caught up with the Galluzzos with a goal of finding this out and we must, in the spirit of full disclosure, inform you that if you are looking for a magic formula you may be disappointed. We really didn’t uncover any “secrets” unless those secrets include the basics of hard work, goal setting, and customer service:

Do you come from entrepreneurial families? Is entrepreneurship in your DNA?
No. We’ve had to learn and grow every step of the way, and will, most likely, continue that way.

Were you looking for a business opportunity or did it find you?
We were looking, but it was such a perfect fit that it felt like it found us.

What was your impetus to leave an ostensibly comfortable, middle class, salaried lifestyle and take a risk?
Peter wanted to be his own boss. It was his idea to start a business and we wanted to do something that we would enjoy. When we found HVS we knew it was a great business but the decision was difficult because it’s still a risk.

Did you anguish over this decision or was it a no-brainer?
It took a lot of prayers, sweat, tears and evaluation before we decided to go for it.

You’ve spoken before about taking the time to get your “ducks in a row” before you went for it. Can you speak about calculated risk – i.e. controlling what you can control, but finally jumping and accepting the unknowns?
The final decision was really more of a spiritual one. When we determined that this was what we were “supposed” to do, it became easier. We did all we could to get ready and be prepared and then we just had to take the proverbial leap of faith.

How many hours do you work per week.
We are open 43 hours a week.

Are there any surprises that you are still discovering?
I’m still surprised at how many tapes and home movies people still have in their possession! 

What was your start like?
It was a bit slow at first, but it was great to learn and not be overwhelmed. I think it was a good pace – when we became familiar and comfortable we really started to build the business and make it grow. 

Who are some of your famous or not, living or not inspirations? 
I’ve learned so much from so many people. When we started I made it a point to learn from everyone we could. Listening to what others found successful (and unsuccessful) gave us a reference point from which we could plot a path. I’d say that other business owners, and especially HVS owners, have contributed the most to our success.

Okay, let’s get down to it. Do you have a secret formula?
It’s no secret. Have the right mindset, set goals, choose what motivates us, execute the plan, review and evaluate, then do it all over again. Also, we have systems in place and we manage the system. Plus, we strive to be professional at every turn. We are organized and have a clean studio so customers have confidence in us and trust us with their most valuable possessions. Finally, we adopt a “givers gain” mentality – and we say we don’t have any competitors –only collaborators.

What is absolutely necessary to thrive as an HVS owner?
Positive attitude.

Are you competitive?
Oh, my gosh, yes! We have a great rivalry with other owners, all in good fun, of course, but it really helps keep us motivated, focused and pressing on toward goals.

What put you into overdrive – where 4-5 grand a week is normal and often you make more?
Expectations are primary and when we don’t do as well as we projected we start to analyze why and what we can do to make next week better.  However, I’d also say that customer service and treating people well on the phone in our studio has a lot to do with earning their trust and therefore their business. We really try to bond with our customers and let them know that we care about this work. We often say, we’re not selling pencils! What we do is important to our customers so it’s important to us.

What’s the anatomy of a 30,000 dollar month?
The big six! I’m serious!!
[Note: The “big six” refers to the six major profit centers of HVS – Tape transfer, home movie transfer, editing, PhotoVideo Keepsakes, production, and duplication]

Is there a “one thing” that you attribute to your business’s success?
No, it’s doing all the things we’re supposed to do. Not all at once, mind you. But over time doing all the things we should. Of course, having done this for more than 6 years, we also have referrals and repeat customers. We absolutely need referrals and repeat customers!

Do you want to remain in this mode or are you taking growth steps?
We are always trying to grow - but that means we have to make bigger changes. We have not yet reached our capacity!

What are some of your failures and what did you learn?
We did not receive the Rookie of the Year Award. This was a significant goal for us. We failed. But by having that goal we started off strong and never quit.
We didn’t win a Hanley for Rookie Video – we learned that the Hanley judges are not always right. [Note: this was said with a wink] 

We don’t get many of the video production jobs we bid. We’ve learned that usually we can make more money in our studio and we trust we’ll get the jobs we are supposed to get.
It’s so easy to put your money in the “wrong” advertising stream. Sometimes it’s “try it and if it fails, chalk it up to experience but don’t do it again”.
Taking everyone’s advice. When we started I wanted to learn everything and I went into information overload and actually became so overwhelmed I was depressed. It took recognizing the cause and then letting things go to rebalance.
Making “deals” with customers! This was hard particularly in the beginning when we wanted work. We would make a great deal for the customer but not for us. Then we would be unhappy while doing the job. We learned that we need to make win/win “deals” that both the customer and we feel good about. If we feel like we are “losing money” we can’t do our best.
Keeping promises to ourselves – We keep promises to everyone else but don’t keep the promises we make to ourselves. If we say that we are going to take a break – but then get busy and don’t take that break, it’s bad. We need to honor ourselves as much as we honor others

Could any competent business professional that has a passion for video duplicate your success?
I think anyone can do what we’ve done, if they have the right attitude and plan. It’s simple! Run this business like a business and take it seriously. Smile and treat others with kindness.

Monday, September 29, 2014

September Studio Owner of the Month - Home Video Studio

Mike Regan is a renaissance man and a true entrepreneur. His love of adventure and an unquenchable curiosity has led him to many places and businesses in his life - from the dawning computer programming industry in the late 1960's (when 16K of memory required a computer six feet tall!) to owning a helicopter flight school. Mike's latest venture is running a Home Video Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, and his approaching three year anniversary gives us pause to appreciate him and his wealth of knowledge and experience. Meet Mike Regan, Home Video Studio's September Owner of the Month.

Mike Regan was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the community of Roseland back when a day in the life of a kid from the Southside might include riding a train to the Loop, downing the world’s best hot dog (make it two) or catching a White Sox game at Comiskey Park.

Mike displayed an early interest in business, his first enterprise being that of a paperboy while in the sixth grade. He then went on to hold a variety of jobs while a student - from soda jerk to auto mechanic. After high school Mike enrolled in college with an emphasis on business courses. Already the prognosticator Mike was fascinated by the role he foresaw computers would play in the future of information management and jumped in with both feet.

Hired in the nativity of business computing Mike became a programmer for Greyhound Computer 1968. Starting development for strictly financial applications Mike’s contributions grew with the company and his department ended up making applications that encompassed every department and every operation. For nearly twenty five years Mike was a mainstay in this company which, after several emanations, became the Dial Corporation.

After this long tour in corporate America and the experience of a rather unceremonious downsizing Mike’s deep-seated entrepreneurial urges kicked in. He partnered with a PC-based software application developer to create a comprehensive back-end database management tool. This company, WestGroup Management Resources, Inc., grew mightily and soon caught the eye of AllTel Information Systems, who purchased it and retained Mike for a couple of years in a consultative capacity before he decided to tackle his next venture.

What does an ambitious and young (at heart) entrepreneur do next? Mike turned to one of his first loves...flying. As a college student Mike flew fixed-wing aircraft and decided he wanted to fly again, only this time in helicopters. As he researched flight schools he came across an opportunity to become a partner in a flight school business. Soon he was piloting not only aircraft but a flight school as part owner and Vice President of Universal Helicopters, Inc. Mike eventually sold his share of Universal, which is still a leader in the flight school industry.
Certainly now it was time to kick back a bit, right? Well, maybe not. Regan had always been a life-long home movie and photo enthusiast, and, like several of our owners, Mike became acquainted with Home Video Studio initially as a customer. He had the occasion to visit and use the services of a local Home Video Studio franchise in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Seeing the quality of HVS's service and recalling the fun he had with his dad’s wind-up movie camera as a kid he decided to investigate the possibility of becoming a franchise owner.

A call to Robert Hanley turned into an invitation, in late July of 2011, to Home Video Studio's annual Getaway in Las Vegas to check out the business. "The first thing that impressed me," says Regan, "was the transparency of HVS. I was given total access to whoever I chose to talk to and ask any questions.”

Two months later Mike was installed and open for business offering superior quality video products. After all his other life adventures how does this one compare? "I enjoy being able to truly connect with people on a personal basis by helping to restore their earlier memories." says Regan. " Serving the end-user was also new to me and I really enjoy taking on a high customer service attitude. This is really a great service and an important one." Mike has also won a Hanley award for video excellence in the Lifestories category.

Ever the visionary, Mike is drawn to the possibilities of Home Video Studio's newest venture: Digital Video Archive. He has been involved with this cloud-based video sharing technology from the beginning, working with Robert Hanley and others through its inception, R&D, and the impending rollout. From the information management evolution of the 1960's up to today’s cloud technology Mike has come full circle.

Mike Regan: newspaper boy, auto mechanic, soda jerk, pioneer software developer, helicopter pilot, multiple business owner...and a few things he probably forgot to mention. Asked if he has any advice for the youngsters Mike responds enthusiastically, "There's a lot of different things out there. Don't get stuck in 'sameness.' Enjoy the variety life offers!" Thanks Mike! And congratulations!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Is Your Passion Video or Photography?

     Somebody asked me yesterday when I would be retiring. I get this question more often now since I am 57 years old. My response was never!  I love what I do. The fact is, I can’t wait to get into my home office every day. This morning I am unpacking my new JVC ProHD GY-HM650 camera. This weekend I will be out shooting with it. I’m excited!
     Are you excited? Do you have a passion for what you do? Or are you stuck doing the same thing you were doing five years ago. Ten years ago? OMG… thirty years ago?
     Change your life today. Do something you love to do instead of what you think you have to do. 
Call me. Let’s chat about Home Video Studio and you. 1-866-714-1956 317-358-5932. 

May the Force be with you! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chris Unger does $10,000.00 in One Week - Our Studio Owner of the Month for April!

HVS Studio Owner Chis Unger
Chris Unger is a living example of the adage: "Love what you do and the money will follow."  Each morning she steps into her Northside Dallas home-based studio, begins her projects for the day, answers the many phone calls from her clients and prospects, and answers to doorbell as customers come by to pick up their completed orders.  Recently she had a $10,000 week.  Not bad for walking the few steps to her studio and applying the knowledge she's learned as a Home Video Studio owner.
In her sixth year of business Chris does not hesitate to claim what motivates her daily:  "I love the human aspect of my profession most of all," says Unger.  "This is a technical business, and I got into video from a technical side, but owning a studio puts me in daily contact with my customers.  I love seeing the effect I have on their lives."
The source of Unger's drive to pursue what she loves is easily traceable.  First of all she looks to her father, who still comes into work every day as the head of internal medicine at Southwest Medical School at the University of Texas.  By the way, he's ninety years old!  "Can you believe it?" asks Chris. "He's made such an impact and his drive to want to make people's lives better keeps him going."
Chris' mother had the entrepreneurial bug and owned a popular bookstore in Dallas.  "It was more than a bookstore.  It was a neighborhood gathering place for many people." says Chris.  Like many independent stores it couldn't compete against the mega-bookstores that came along, to the disappointment of Chris' mother and her many loyal customers.  "Maybe that's why I like my small, independent business where I am hands-on with everything," says Chris.  
Chris has always had a passion for the visual arts. "I dreamed of being a fashion designer as a girl," laughs Unger, "with a fallback career as an artist.  Needless to say my parents balked a bit at my childhood dreams."  Nevertheless Chris studied film at Colorado Women's College and video production at the Art Institute of Dallas. She also attended The Film School of France in Paris. Though she ultimately graduated from college with a degree in Women's Studies she began her video and film career as a freelance producer and editor.
"I did it all," says Chris, "from shooting documentaries to production assistant to editing...and that's when cut and paste really meant cut and paste."  Unger kept up with her trade by taking classes and learning computer editing as well.  But, like many video professionals who find Home Video Studio,  Chris spent time navigating the rapids of freelancing and never quite being able to get in control of her total business. "For instance," says Unger, "I knew I needed to advertise and market myself but knew I didn't have the means to do it the way it must be done. I knew I had to keep up with the latest trends and technology but was too busy working." The Tenacious Texan pressed on.
One day Chris saw an ad for Home Video Studio in Videomaker magazine. Soon she was at the HVS Annual Getaway in Florida just to see what it was like.  She liked what she saw and came on board.  Nearly six years later Chris routinely posts great weekly earnings. She has also won the Most Improved Award at the annual Hanley Awards and was nominated for a Hanley as well
"Getting involved with HVS is the best thing I could have done," says Chris. "I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. And I love the support, both technical and marketing.  For instance, we are given a step-by-step guide to marketing on how to add marketing activities in layers rather than just look at one big overwhelming thing that felt like a duty."
We are proud to have Chris Unger aboard, in her sixth year, and representing strong, independent women in the Home Video Studio family.  
"My mother always told me that old saying 'Where there's a will there's a way' and that's my simple philosophy," says Chris. "I love meeting people and hearing their stories and then helping them tell that story. That's why I've always loved this business and why I always try to get better at it." 

Want to join the Home Video Studio Family? Call Robert Hanley at 317-358-5932. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Video Studio Owner of the Month for March - Howard Hong of Draper, Utah

Home Video Studio certainly attracts some interesting people with stories to tell, and Howard Hong of Draper, Utah is no exception. He is a renaissance man with a curiosity, passion and zest for life that manifests itself in his many interests. With a degree in nursing and having worked on a hospital floor he has a heart for people. With a computer degree and vast experience in health informatics he has a brain for technology . And as a working actor he has feet that have "trod the boards" of stage, screen and television.
All of these skills coalesce in his Home Video Studio based out of his house in Draper. His people skills, technical skills, and creative flair are tested daily as he meets customers' demands for quality Video Services for Everyone.
Howard was born and grew up in Salt Lake City in a household where the values of vision, self-determination and hard work had a very real meaning. His father and mother lived in south China during the 1930's and 40's when China was engaged in a great civil war between the Communist Party and forces loyal to the nationalist government. As with any war of ideology the "people of the land" were the most affected.
"My father, mother and newborn sister were starving, like all the people where they lived," says Howard, "so my father found a way to get to the United States and arrived, as they say, with only the shirt on his back." Finding a job in a restaurant he communicated with his family by correspondence and sent money - not seeing them for fifteen years. At last Howard's mother and sister were able to flee to Hong Kong (then a British colony) and the family was reunited. To top it off Howard's dad eventually became part owner in the same restaurant he worked at upon his arrival in the US. "If there's anything I've learned from my father," says Howard, "it's the meaning of hard work."
Needless to say Howard was encouraged to get an education, so he enrolled at the University of Utah as a nursing student. "I've always been interested in helping people," says Hong, "and I saw that healthcare was an in-demand career choice, and still is." Right after graduating from nursing school Howard met his wife Carol, who had just graduated from Brigham Young University in Hawaii. Howard and Carol were married shortly after graduation and decided to take the direction of many young professional married couples - go back for more school. Working as a true team they decided Carol should go back for her doctorate degree in pharmacy while Howard worked as a Registered Nurse. Then Howard went back to get a specialized degree combining healthcare and computer technology while Carol embarked on her career as a pharmacist. Then, with educations in hand, they worked in their respective fields for the next dozen years.
So what do you do when you and your wife juggle demanding careers while starting a family while being involved in your church and community? Yes, you start acting! "I always enjoyed the movies and wanted to try acting, even though I was kind of quiet and shy," laughs Howard. So he began in community theater and took some acting classes. Then he took some more, worked at his craft and began acting in student films, independent films, and other productions to get experience. Soon he had built a good resume and was able to find representation by a reputable agent. Howard has appeared in many productions including a national television ad for Exxon Mobile, many Fortune 500 industrial films, and even in a National Lampoon movie.
Lest you think Howard has designs on being a movie star or a business magnate he is quick to tell you that his impetus for everything he does has much deeper roots. "The most important thing to me is my faith and my family. Those are the reasons I do anything."
Perhaps that's why after twelve years in a corporate life Howard chose a lifestyle that would allow him a little more flexibility in his life to pursue his other passions, such as pastoring his church, and to be more available for his family. "As I began to investigate businesses that fit the life I wanted to live I thought a franchise route would be the best way to go," says Howard. Naturally he would look into healthcare type businesses at the start - but found the market more saturated than he would like. Then he saw an opportunity with Home Video Studio. "This piqued my interest," says Hong, "because it was a chance to combine my creativity, technical skills, and people skills - plus I could so it all from home."
Howard made a phone call, talked to Robert Hanley and attended Show n Tell in late 2011. Shortly thereafter he signed and was installed in the spring of 2012.
What are Howard's future goals in his fledgling business? "I want to continue to build my business, of course," says Howard, "and I really love production. The actor and technician in me really enjoys the shooting and editing parts of this business, and I want to do more of that."

"If there's one thing I've learned, besides the value of hard work and vision from my father," says Howard, "it's that creativity is important in all aspects of life...even the so-called business side. I like finding new and inventive ways to do things."
If you would like to take control of your destiny and open up your own Home Video Studio like Howard, email Robert@homevideostudio.com or call him at 317-358-5932.