Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rupert of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, talks to Home Video Studio Franchise owners about making a life change

How are you facing current changes and challenges in your life?

Denise and I were watching Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains this evening. I was pleasantly reminded of Home Video Studio’s Advanced Training from four years ago. Rubert Boneham, better known as just Rupert, (one of the Heroes) was our keynote speaker for Advanced Video Training #8 in February of 2007. He inspired myself and other HVS owners that day.

To me, Rupert represents the American Dream. He spoke about his core values and focused on the topics of never giving up and giving back to the community. He described both the challenges he had faced and the changes he had made in his life and how they were not always easy. Of course he talked about his strategies for playing the “game” – Survivor and his viewpoint on the game of life.

We also learned about Rupert’s Kids, his organization in Indianapolis that helps troubled youth. The giver’s gain is a core philosophy for Rupert and Home Video Studio. We wish him all the best in Survivor this season!

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“May the force be with you...”

Robert Hanley

CEO and President

Home Video Studio