Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tony Miklos Celebrates Ten Years With Home Video Studio!

Tony Miklos
Tony Miklos had a great July at his Home Video Studio in Brecksville OH.  Not only did he post one of his personal best income months but he was recognized as a ten year studio owner at the 13th Annual Hanley Awards in Las Vegas.  Ten years is quite an achievement for any business - and it couldn't happen to a better guy!  Here's to Tony Miklos, our August Studio Owner of the Month.

Tony is beloved at Home Video Studio and is regarded as one of our seasoned owners who has seen a lot, knows what to do, and is eager to pass his experiences along to others.  Besides winning many Hanley awards for video excellence he has garnered multiple achievement awards on his journey including Studio Owner of the Year. 

Like several of our owners Miklos came to Home Video Studio with a technical IT  background and a creative passion for video. But he also knew he wanted to make money. "I was looking for a franchise opportunity and came across Home Video Studio on the internet," says Tony, "and was immediately attracted because of the profit potential and the track record that I saw."  Tony was soon in Indianapolis at a Home Video Studio Show-N-Tell and shortly thereafter opened the first retail store-front for Home Video Studio in 2003.
Tony Accepting Studio Owner of the Year 2011
With the help of Home Video Studio's marketing plan and turnkey system he learned the ropes as an entrepreneur, mastering all aspects needed for a successful studio, especially the marketing and customer service areas. "What I found along the way is that I really like helping people and enriching their lives by doing what I do."  

Even after all these years Tony is still especially fond of providing home movie transfer services for his customers.  "I live in an older, more established part of the city and I see a lot of film, both 8mm and 16mm, come in needing this old media migrated to a modern format.  It's satisfying to see people being able to enjoy their past heritage."  Miklos, like any self-respecting Clevelander, also enjoys sports and gets a kick out of producing sports scholarship videos for his community's athletic hopefuls.
As a veteran Home Video owner Tony has graciously provided us with ten tips (that's one per year) that he follows:
  • Be fluent at multitasking - "A busy studio should have at least four profit centers going at once."
  • You must advertise - "In my case Google Adwords is a necessity."
  • Follow the plan - "You became involved because you were attracted to a proven plan.  Don't get so "smart" that you begin to deviate from it."
  • Call different owners often - "There is such a wealth of support and knowledge from other owners.  This is a beautiful thing.  Take advantage of it."
  • Upgrade and Maintain your equipment - "Being current and being operable is your lifeblood.  Don't neglect it."
  • If customers bring in 8mm or MiniDV tapes ask if they still have the camera and offer a discount for it - "This helps eliminate the customers' clutter if they've upgraded, and it keeps you in backup equipment."
  • Have annual open houses - "We are a business in the 'neighborhood' and people enjoy spending time with their neighbors.  Also, serving fine wine to your neighbors doesn't hurt a thing!"
  • Marketing, signage, advertising..."Be (and stay) visible - "If people know you're there they will come."
  • Enjoy life - "This is a great business!  Enjoy it.  Take time off once in a while."
  • "Did I mention call different owners often?"