Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Video Studio Advanced Training 2013

Miguel Salas - Jacksonville, FL
Home Video Studio Owners from as far away as Stockholm, Sweden and Ottawa, Ontario Canada (and from all over the United States) convened in Indianapolis for what we call Advanced Training - six days of intensive training on everything tech but also including sales and marketing as well as Home Video Studio Operations. 

HVS presented classes on Premiere Pro, Green Screen, Photoshop, After Effects, Video Production, Event Videography, Sports Videos, Selling Video, Pricing, Marketing, Operations and much more. 

Dan Weiniger, Westfield, NJ
If you are considering opening up a video production business, you should contact us. We can teach you this business and have you up and running very quickly. 

Give me a call anytime: 317-358-5932 - 1-866-8273. 
Perhaps you will be at our next major training in Las Vegas! 

May the Force be with you….

Robert Hanley

CEO & Founder, Home Video Studio

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Advanced Training 2013 Kicks Off!

Diane Osterbur, Todd and Jennifer Piper
 We have HVS Studio Owners from all over the world training this week in Indianapolis, Indiana at the 13th Annual Advanced Training. Want to own your own Home Video Studio? You could be here with us next year! This year's training runs through Saturday. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dan Weiniger of Westfield, NJ Studio Owner of the Month!

Dan Weiniger in his Home Video Studio
 Dan Weiniger, Home Video Studio owner from Westfield, New Jersey is our February 2013 Studio Owner of the Month - his second SOM recognition. Dan “hit the ground running” as a new owner two and a half years ago.  His zeal and ensuing success resulted in his being named April 2010 Owner of the Month.  Since then his enthusiasm has only grown.  Besides consistent personal and financial accomplishments he has garnered, among other awards, the Relationship Mindset Award and Rookie of the Year honors. 

Here is Dan’s original 2010 article along with an update:

Dan Weiniger has worked in high finance at the American Stock Exchange, in high calories as the owner of two ice cream shops and now in high tech as a Home Video Studio owner. Obviously Dan isn't afraid of heights and his daily discipline to move his business upward is paying off. That's why Dan Weiniger is April's Studio Owner of the Month. Dan, like many of our studio owners, came to Home Video Studio by way of his love for photography and video as a hobby while working in a different field. Although he grew up in New Jersey Weiniger got a degree in finance from Arizona State University and soon found himself owning a seat in the bustling environs of Wall Street and later on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. How cool is that? Just like the movie Trading Places! "It was cool," says Weiniger, "but it was very hectic and, like any other business, a trend started where smaller margins and larger operating costs were making it harder for me to squeeze out a profit and I began to wonder if it was worth it for me." Dan's natural entrepreneurial instincts kicked in another cool direction, literally, and he decided to own and operate a couple of ice cream stores is Florida. But alas, Dan's financial muse called him back to the business of selling for Northwestern Mutual Life. Soon after Dan met his wife Jan and they found themselves back in New Jersey and, after the adoption of their daughter, Dan settled in to be a stay-at-home dad and enjoy his family. As life sometimes goes, however, there was a curve in the plan. Dan found out that he had congestive heart failure and had suffered a heart attack without even knowing it. Upon recovery he made the decision that there would be a few changes in his life. His abiding love of video and photography caused him to enroll in a class in visual communications. It was in this class that Dan met Pete Gallo, who was in the video services business, was enjoying it and was making good money at home. Pete, one of our very successful studio owners, told Dan about Home Video Studio and soon Dan was on the road to studio ownership. "I went to Show-N-Tell feeling good about this business," says Weiniger. "I got a good vibe from Robert's humility and from the energy of the studio owners that I talked to." Dan is now in his eighth month as an owner. His daily diligence, his creativity, his customer service skills, his drive and his sales skills all fuel the stuff that make for a good Home Video Studio owner. "I like running a successful business and I like being home with my family, “says Weiniger, “that’s why this is a perfect fit for me!”
Dan and his daughter 

  • Dan, since your last Studio Owner of the Month award a lot has happened, including being named Rookie of the Year in 2011.  What do attribute your success to?

  • I have a deep abiding belief in the value of what I do for my customers and I strive for amazing customer service.   

  • So you attribute your success to this enthusiasm more than anything else?
  • I tell people I may not be the world’s greatest videographer or even the world’s greatest businessman but what I have is enthusiasm, purpose and excitement.  I see these qualities in my daughter and it makes her life joyful.  That’s the same thing I want to give to my customers and they respond to that.

  • Anything new in 2013?
  • Learning as much as I can, tending to relationships business and otherwise, getting  more involved in my community.

  • What about goals?
  •  I want to be the number one grossing studio in the franchise.

  • Any parting words?
  • Yes, People don’t buy what you do, they buy what you believe in.

Thanks to Dan Weiniger, Home Video Studio’s February 2010 studio Owner of the Month.  We look forward to seeing what’s in store for you next!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Home Video Studio’s Advanced Training: February 17 - 23!

Frank Rohmer Teaches Tech!

We are just a little over two weeks away from the 13th Annual Home Video Studio Advanced Training! Owners all over the United States, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden will converge on Indianapolis, Indiana for six days of intensive training. 

This year’s class mix will include:
  • Two full days on Premiere Pro.
  • A full day class on networking.
  • Day long classes on shooting video.
  • Green Screen
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Quickbooks & Operations
  • Sports Videos & much more

Pete Gallo & Tony Melendez
If you want to find out more about our training and tech support, check out our website. We have a full schedule of extracurricular events like our kick-off luncheon, movie and pizza night, unofficial game night and our traditional HVS Celebration dinner. Mike Wallace (Rookie of the year 2012) will be our keynote speaker at the Celebration dinner. 

We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces as well! 

If you want to chat about joining the Home Video Studio Family, give me a call: 317-358-5932. 

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
CEO & Founder Home Video Studio

Friday, February 1, 2013

Video Editing Can Be Very Fun and Profitable!

Studio Owner Alan Fon

 Video Editing and post-production are the heart of most Home Video Studios. Everything is driven by content nowadays and there is so much content out there: VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, Mini-DV tapes, 3/4” tapes, 8mm, Super-8mm and 16mm film, thumb drives, cameras, discs, DVDS, Mini DVDS, hard drives, iPads, iPhones, smart phones, etc, etc. Content is everywhere. This makes for a very fertile environment for Home Video Studios editors. In other words, there is a lot of business out there! So Video Editing is one of our most popular and profitable services.

Don’t know how to edit? Don’t worry! One of the first classes you will take at HVS Basic Training is Video Editing. We use a great system by Adobe called Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is a professional level editing platform but it is easy to learn. Well let’s put it this way, easy to learn initially and then you might take some time in mastering it. Home Video Studio takes you through a two day training program on Premiere during your first week of Basic Training here in Indianapolis. We also offer advanced courses throughout the year and provide live technical support. 

Typical jobs range from editing somebody’s wedding or vacation to putting together a promotional piece for a small company or organization. Video Editing is my favorite profit center for three reasons:

  1. It is extremely creative and challenging! Customers always have a variety of elements for you to draw from. Your job is to put these elements together in a way that makes your client’s message shine. 
  2. I like the fact that you can edit anytime or anywhere. So you can be in your studio editing early in the morning or late at night or you may be editing down a the local coffee shop. Why not?
  3. Editing is a very profitable service for your new studio. We do a lot of value added productions which means that you can set the price of your editing job not on the time it took to do the piece but on the value that it gives to your customer. Video Editing is a value added service. 

Studio Owner Arthur Bradshaw
We’ll teach you to multitask in your studio so you can be editing and your other services will be running in the background. At HVS it is all about putting together a good solid creative product for your client and of course… making money. 

I would be happy to chat with you. 

May the Force be with You!

CEO & Founder