Thursday, January 19, 2012

Studio Owner Makes $50,000.00 in Two Months!

Pete Gallo, our Home Video Studio owner in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, is not one to rest on his laurels. 2011was his best year ever – and it came on the heels of 2010, his former best year ever. "There are many things I like as a Studio owner," says Pete, "but the most satisfying is the feeling of self-determination and empowerment. There is plenty of opportunity to grow every day.” Pete, a former Studio Owner of the Year, is January's Studio Owner of the Month.

So how did he set out to grow in 2011? “Definitely marketing!” says Gallo. “I put a concerted effort into consistently getting “out there” in my market and making my presence known...and I saw the results.” Pete credits much of his marketing skill to his HVS Training.

Pete, who came to Home Video Studio with an Electrical Engineering background and as a video hobbyist, is grateful for the ongoing training that is provided, especially the necessary marketing aspect of being in business for yourself.

"When I first considered Home Video Studio I knew I wanted to do video for a living, but I had natural concerns about starting from scratch and going it alone," says Pete. "Home Video Studio seemed like the perfect foundation because I would be involved with people who had been there before. This has proven to be the case."

Now Pete has a great home-based business and many happy clients. Whether it's Video Transfers, Film Transfer, Video Shooting and Production or any of the other Home Video Studio profit centers he enjoys the diversity and mix of services he offers. His expertise is also on display as a recipient of several Hanley Awards including Best Short Video and Best LIFEStory.

What else did Gallo build on this past year? Well, Pete is quick to say that any success his enterprise enjoys springs from a genuine desire to help people. One award of note that adorns Pete's studio is The Relationship Mindset Award, and it serves to remind him daily that he is in business because he takes care of his customers.

What does 2012 hold for Pete Gallo? “The most positive thing I see,” he says, “is a trend of more people coming in, more people calling - more inquiries in general. I believe a lot of that has to do with peoples' more optimistic outlook on the economic climate, so I'm going to keep marketing and get ready for an even better 2012.”

If the past is any indicator Pete Gallo will have a great year!