Friday, October 9, 2015

Upcoming Webbinar: Making Money with Video - Starting Your Own Video Production Services Business

Join us for a webinar on Oct 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM EDT.
Making Money with Video - Starting Your Own Video Production Services Business

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Do you love working with video? Does shooting and editing video take you to a place where time stands still? Would you like to start a video production business? Have you ever thought "If I could make videos for a living… I'd be in heaven?" If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then attend our webinar: “How to Start & Run Your Own Video Business.”

Robert Hanley, Producer/Director/Editor and CEO/Founder of Home Video Studio presents this informative webinar on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00 pm.
Discover the three secret strategies you can use to build your video production business. Space is limited. Register today.

In forty-seven minutes Robert cover:

1. The top-five money making video profit centers.
2. The Home Video Studio training schedule
3. How to get started full-time or part-time.
4. Financing if you need it.
5. Ramp-up times.
6. And much more.
Peter Galluzzo quit a six-figure job to start his studio. Last year Peter and his wife Sharron Galluzzo made nearley $300,000.00.

Chad Godfrey started part-time at age 32. Four months later he went full-time in his production company. Ten years later Chad owns a studio store and is a top performer.

Find out how you can accomplish and reach your goals on this webinar. Well discuss:

What is Home Video Studio?
What is the market for our services?
What is the investment required and what is your ROI?
How do you make money?
What’s it like to own your own video business?
How do you make a transition from what you do now to running your own studio? 

Do you want to break the GOLDEN chains of CORPORATE AMERICA? Are you sick of working for someone else? Retired and not happy about it? Running a video production company may be right for you.

Would you like to start your own business and control your lifestyle?

This is your opportunity to learn more about how you can own and operate your own video production company. Join Producer/Director Robert Hanley for this life changing Webinar. 
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Harvesting the Dream of Own Your Own Video Production Studio - Chris and Michelle Moen

Chris and Michelle Moen at Getaway 13 in Las Vegas
 Chris and Michelle Moen had a dream. Call it The American Dream. Like all dreams it started in their imaginations. Now it's real. It began as a passion. Now it has blossomed into a profession.

Before Home Video Studio Chris had been a video hobbyist: "I enjoyed doing personal projects and archiving photos and documents for friends and relatives," says Chris, "but I always wanted to make a business out of it." Michelle amplifies this claim: "We knew it was going to happen when the time was right. It was so real we even had a domain name that we kept renewing for our "imaginary" business."
Then nearly two years ago the right time came. Chris and Michelle became Home Video Studio owners. Last month Chris and Michelle Moen had their best month ever. Meet the Moens from Bloomington, Minnesota. They are Home Video Studio's Owners of the Month.

Growing up in the Twin Cities area Chris and Michelle came to appreciate the "lights, camera and action" of video by way of show biz. Chris fancied himself as an actor but quickly found a home on the other side of the camera: "I became technically proficient by way of my horrible acting!" laughs Chris. "I tried out for my high school theater but the director suggested I try my hand as a tech." Michelle, on the other hand, had a penchant for song and dance. As a matter of fact she auditioned and won a position with the internationally renowned "Young Americans" and was soon in California dancing at Disneyland.

Still single Chris extended his technical education by enrolling and graduating from Full Sail University in Florida. Soon he was Production Coordinator for Theatrical Presentations International where he was involved in NFL halftime shows, Major League All-Star Games and The Olympic Games. During this time Michelle decided to come back to the Midwest and began working for a marketing company.
Chris and Michelle finally met by way of a mutual friend and were married. Soon after Chris took on a hefty yet fulfilling role as Presentation Technology Director for a huge Twin Cities area church with 10,000 members and five weekend services. There he headed up all aspects of video presentation including video shooting, editing, audio and graphics. His love of people (and patience) was also honed there as he taught many church volunteers to become proficient with the hardware and software provided.

One day, still harboring the dream of owning his own studio, Chris happened to see another Home Video Studio in the Minneapolis Metro Area. It was exactly what he wanted. A few phone calls, a few logistics, and soon Chris and Michelle were equipped and ready to do business as Home Video Studio, Bloomington MN. They began as a part-time studio but went full time nearly a year ago.
"Like most studio owners will tell you," says Chris, "the best part of being an owner in an established franchise system like this is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I wanted to be in business for myself but, hey, if there's a proven marketing plan, proven equipment and all the experience I'm going to take advantage of that."
Like many husband and wife teams at Home Video Studio Chris is quick to tell you that he couldn't do it without his wife. Michelle handles a lot of the public aspects of their business, including a lion's share of marketing and networking, as well as administration. "I absolutely couldn't do it without her," says Chris. "We are a team. I push a lot of the buttons on these machines and she does the smart stuff!"
Chris Moen at the 13th Annual Hanley Awards

Michelle is quick to reciprocate the praise: "What carries us in our business is Chris' enthusiasm. It's like a mission. We do what we do because it's a necessary service that really helps people and enriches their lives." And they make money doing it.
Chris also enriches the lives of fellow studio owners as the Director of Technical Support for Home Video Studio. With his enthusiasm, sense of mission and experience who better to ensure the Home Video Studio's customers worldwide are getting their video needs met?

Congratulations to Chris and Michelle Moen. Home Video Studio's Studio Owners of the Month.

We recently caught up with Chris and Michelle a few days ago and asked them some questions…

Now that you have a few years under your belt what still surprises you about this business?
It's amazing how much old content is still out there waiting to be transferred to a modern medium. We get more and more people our age whose parents are "downsizing" and they come across "the box" that has all their precious memories. They wonder what to do with it and that's where we fit in!

What have you found is absolutely necessary to thrive as an HVS owner?"
Advertising and marketing. If you are not marketing and advertising your business you're not in business. It's a hobby.

Any special days or events stick out in the last few years?
Parades!! Join a parade! Best $50 spent ALL YEAR LONG! We still get people telling us they saw us in the parade, or "I saw you on TV!!" Our local Access TV station broadcasts the parade!!! In fact, we have one coming up in September!

What are some of your mistakes and what did you learn?
Talking too much! I have got to learn to shut up and let the clients tell me what they want and not suggest so many "options". People hate options! They want a service done. Do the service, THEN offer options like copies, or different formats. I think that is why Michelle is so good at it! I need to work on "Listen, not blab!"
Chris & Michelle Moen in Studo!

What is your favorite business-related thing to do?
Multitasking. I love it when there are 5 different machines all humming away at a task! I just bounce back and forth between ‘em!

Any favorite quotes or aphorisms that sum up your way of being?
Be the most positive person you know.

Chris and Michelle Moen 
Bloomington MN

If you would like to get information about starting a successful video production company contact us at 317-358-5932 or go

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Video Production Business Free Seminar October 17th & October 24th!

Video Production as a Business
Want to change your career? My name is Robert Hanley and I specialize in teaching people how to break into the video production business. If you want to be a Producer/Director/Editor I can take you into that lifestyle even if you have zero experience.

 Video Production…It's very fun. It is very rewarding. There is never a dull moment!
 Join me on Saturday, October 17 or Saturday October 24 for a life-changing seminar on changing careers and finding your purpose - in the video production arena.

Attend our Home Video Studio Show 'N Tell Saturday Seminar.
Saturday, Saturday October 17th or Saturday October 24th, 2015.

We'll cover the following and more:

Video Production as a business.
Choosing Productions & Staying Away from Production Traps.
Pricing Productions for Profit.
Skills Needed & How We Train You.
Studio Equipment & Layout.
Editing & Delivery Systems.
How You Can Specialize in the Type of Production You Like.

We'll also feature the tenants of the Home Video Studio Network System!

We're Not A Franchise - No Royalties!
Turnkey Business - Customizable Studio.
The Business of the Business - Hi Profit Potential.
Proven Marketing Plan.
No Experience Needed.
Complete Training Program.

We train on Video Production, Editing, Editing systems - Premiere Pro CC & Final Cut X, Photoshop, Digital Video Archive,  After Effects, Audition, Corporate Image Production, Event & Wedding Videography, Documentary Production and Documentary Style Production, Cameras, Lighting, Sound, Make up and basically everything including the business of the business. Sound Exciting? It is very Exciting!

Call me at 317-358-5932 or 866-714-1956 or email me today. Let's chat. 

I am going to cover a ton of stuff during this one-day seminar. Let's discuss your future in the video production industry. Check us out at: Today is the first day your new life in video production. Let's make it happen.

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley