Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What happens when passion meets purpose?

What am I excited about (what am I looking forward to)?

What am I grateful for?

What is my purpose?

I like to live in the “now” but I find that looking forward to a task or event helps me focus on what needs to be done today and during the week. I always want something to look forward to. I need that. 

Showing gratitude (even when no one is looking) is not only important but it helps me focus on my purpose. I try to express gratitude to the people who are important to me (my mentors, friends, associates and family).  These are the people who help me with my purpose – the really important people in my life. I always want to make sure they know how much I appreciate them. 

And that leaves purpose. A great and worthy purpose is not easy to find (although sometimes purpose finds you!). I hope you have one (or two) in your life. So every day I consider the following:  what is my purpose, what am I doing to achieve that purpose and why is my purpose important to me? 

Why is the most important question because your “why” should lead you to your passion and your purpose. For nearly twenty years my passion has been to help others into a new career in video. For the nearly twenty years before that my passion was (and remains) video, film, story telling and media creation in general. 

I have been lucky in that I have been able to merge both of my passions into a life I love and one that I feel is worthy. I thank God and the Universe daily for this. I am grateful. 

If you are lucky enough to find a life purpose that is also your passion make sure to express your gratitude. You are one lucky individual! 

May the Force Be With You

Robert Hanley
President & Founder
Home Video Studio

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Could You Make A Living Editing Video?

Have you ever wondered if you could make a great living simply with video editing? You can!

Don’t know how to edit? Don’t worry! One of the first classes you will take at HVS Basic Training is Video Editing. We use a great system by Adobe called Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is a professional-level editing platform but it is easy to learn. 

Home Video Studio takes you through a two day training program on Premiere during your first week of Basic Training here in Indianapolis. We also offer advanced courses throughout the year and provide on-going technical support. 

Typical jobs range from editing somebody’s wedding or vacation to putting together a promotional piece for a small company or organization. Video Editing is my favorite profit center for three reasons:

1   It is extremely creative and challenging! Customers always have a variety of elements for you to draw from. Your job is to put these elements together in a way that makes your client’s message shine. 

2  I like the fact that you can edit anytime or anywhere. So you can be in your studio editing early in the morning or late at night or you may be editing down at the local coffee shop. Why not?

3  Editing is a very profitable service for your new studio. We do a lot of value added productions which means that you can set the price of your editing job not on the time it took to do the piece but on the value that it gives to your customer. Video Editing is a value added service. 

We’ll teach you to multitask in your studio so you can be editing and your other services will be running in the background. At HVS it is all about putting together a good solid creative product for your client and of course… making money. 

I would be happy to chat with you. 

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
President & Founder
Home Video Studio