Friday, August 31, 2012

As I was driving to my studio this morning....

As I was driving to my studio this morning I found myself reflecting back over the last two months and began smiling uncontrollably. I have held several important (stressful) positions in my life and I felt as though I was making a difference in those positions. However, I was rarely happy with the work I was doing. Today I enjoy going to work and it is not because I am surrounded by lots of electronic toys. In fact, that has little to do with it. In the past eight weeks I have seen a mother shed tears of joy watching a photo video keepsake of her two sons who recently graduated….. watched a family laugh, because they had not seen footage of many birthdays past until I hit play on that freshly burned DVD…… I witnessed the excitement of a 60+ year old man as he saw footage of his dad from the early 40’s for the first time ever…… and most recently I had the privilege of seeing the glow on a wonderful lady’s face as she heard the voice of her deceased mother talking to her recently deceased brother on the phone when he was in Vietnam. Memories are so powerful, precious and fragile. When I started Home Video Studio of Traverse City, I had no idea that the work I would be doing would have such an impact on the lives of the customers that I would be serving. What a privilege!!

I say all of this to remind each of us to appreciate the loved ones that are in our lives….. hug them, love them and yes spoil them. And for those that have gone before us, cherish the memories that we have of them and never forget the influence that they had and continue to have on us.

A Note from Robert Hanley: The proceeding was taken word-for-word from Anthony Sellers of Traverse City, MI Facebook page for Friday, August 31. Anthony called me in May and became a studio owner shortly there after. 

If you want to discuss studio ownership, please call me on my cell phone anytime: 317-358-5932 or toll free to the same cell phone 866-714-1956. 

May the Force be with you. 

Happy Labor Day.

Robert Hanley
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chad Godfrey Awarded Home Video Studio - Studio Store of the year!

Chad Godfrey has found his stride.  In his ninth year of business, Chad is a consistent high income producer and from day one hit the ground running first as a part-time studio, then to full time, then opening up a retail studio store.  He has also won numerous Hanley awards for video excellence, including multiple Best in Show awards, as well as special achievement awards for Rookie of the Year and the coveted Studio Owner of the Year.  Chad also takes delight in teaching and freely sharing his knowledge and experience with other studio owners, distinguishing himself as an owner to which many aspire – in fact some might even say Chad Godfrey is a “dean” of studio owners. We are pleased to present Chad Godfrey, Lee’s Summit MO as August Studio Owner of the Month.
 We caught up with Chad on the heels of another great showing at the 12th Annual Getaway in Las Vegas. Chad’s HVS Studio Store took home the first HVS Studio Store of the Year Award.  Chad sat down and shared some insight on his modus operandi in business and in life:
Q.  You went from part-time to full time to studio store.  You’ve demonstrated a steady track of accomplishment since you started.  What’s your motivation?
A.  I jumped into this business full-time after five months.  Earlier that year, Suzie (my wife) and I decided that she should go part-time at her job in order to be at home more.
I had a very primordial feeling at the moment of going full-time that "we had to eat."  Suzie was only making half of the salary we were once used to, so my deep-rooted sense has always been "I can't fail at this.  I've got nowhere else to go."  It has always been that message in the back of my mind that has kept me motivated.
Q.  What’s a typical day like for you?
A.  A typical day involves about seven hours in the studio doing the daily operations (transfers, editing, shooting, customer interaction, etc.)  On most days, I'm out of the office for an hour or two doing a mix of things from business networking, lunch or a separate meeting with a client, corporate recon, morning coffee, and simple errands that need to be made during the day such as banking, the post office, or UPS.  I have two employees that work for me, so I plan my out-of-the office time around when they can cover in my absence.

Q. Do you think your business has “seasoned” in eight years? 
A. If anything, I think its "seasoned" due to my ability to be really comfortable in all aspects of the business.  When I started, I knew how to do video, but knew very little about running a business.  
Chad prepares to shoot!
Q. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned thus far?

A. Two things: Number one, listen for critical cues from your customer.  Try to discern what they really want.  Listen for and respond well to their concerns.  Keep their objectives on the top of your mind and serve them well.  Number two, stay on top of your finances at all times.  Reconcile your accounts monthly and always know, at any moment, where you are at.  I have over fifty creative awards in my studio, but awards mean nothing in your business if you can't show that your business is profitable and moving forward.

 Q. Has your sales/marketing approach changed since when you first started?

A. Not a whole lot.  I've always tried to stay focused on both the business-to-business and the business to consumer aspects of the business.  It's easy to find yourself marketing for one portion of our business and not the other.  However, it's really important to market both. That being said, it's even more important to know how to SELL all the profit centers.

Q. Has your typical client changed?  Your client mix?  Are your jobs more profitable?

A. We still have about the same mix of about 65% consumer business (tapes, photos, film transfers, etc.) to 35% corporate jobs (production, editing, duplication, etc.).  With our store-front, we get lots of walk-ins for consumer-related business. The corporate work has stayed fairly steady from when I had the business in my home.  Over the last several years though, the business has ramped up and the jobs have become more profitable, partially due to my comfort and confidence in selling the work.

Chad and Susie Godfrey
Q. What are your next goals?

A. My first goal is to break...  I've got some work to do to get there, but I think it's attainable.  As with any goal, it will take focus and discipline to get there.  It's the challenge of getting there that's exciting for me.

I’d like to one day open another studio, perhaps a "feeder store" in a mall, like a kiosk-type place. I haven't put too much thought into that, but I think that's the key to an additional source of income.

I'm also training for a marathon.  My days usually consist of running for an hour or more.   Running is great because I try to maintain focused on both business and personal development at the same time.  I'm typically listening to a business book or podcast while I run to keep learning and to stay inspired.  I'm a strong believer that exercise is a great thing for your business.

Lastly, I'd like to look into ways of getting more involved in the community.  Perhaps be a member of a non-profit board of directors.  Some way that I can give back to help those in need.  It is in this work that life is fulfilling most of all.
Q.  Any last thoughts?
I have a great passion for this business.  I love working with audio and video.  I love shooting and editing video.  I love teaching others and I share what I do with anyone and everyone.  I think my attitude is pretty infectious and influential to others.  I attribute much of this to my success as well.

A note from Robert: Chad has had a great career in HVS. It all started with a phone call. Call me at 317-358-5932 if you want to chat about joining HVS and becoming a studio owner. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mike Wallace of Belmont, Ohio - Home Video Studio's Rookie of the Year for 2012!

Mike Wallace, HVS Rookie of the Year 2012

Meet Mike Wallace, Home Video Studio Owner in Belmont OH and HVS’ Rookie of the Year for 2012!  Mike took home the Rookie of the Year award from Home Video Studio’s 12th Annual Hanley Awards Celebration Dinner in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Planet Hollywood on Saturday, July 28. Mike also took home five Hanley Awards for excellence in video. 
When Mike opened for business in May of 2011 he became the first owner to operate a “studio within a store” inside the heavily traveled Bel-Morr Market, a gas station and convenience market along Interstate 70.  Mike’s wife Kris has owned and operated this market for twenty six years. “That’s why my Home Video Studio ended up here,” says Wallace.  “I thought it would be a convenient and lucrative location for customers to drop off and pick up their video projects.”  
Whether drafting and designing a building, a business or a lifestyle Mike Wallace has always been one to take matters in his own hands.  That’s why being a Home Video Studio owner fits him to a T.
After obtaining a degree in CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) Mike worked with his father in their construction business for thirteen years.  But when his dad wanted to retire he was faced with some decisions.  “I knew I’d have to go all in or all out.  I realized I was getting burned out in the construction business.  Plus I had never worked for anyone else and didn’t want to start.”  He had also been nurturing a desire to perhaps return to school to fulfill his passion for film and video production – but as a husband and father the logistics seemed daunting. 
“I had a pretty tall order,” jokes Wallace.  “All I wanted was to work with video, computers and technology in a business where I didn’t have to worry about employees or the weather!”  This order began to be filled in an unlikely place. 
While getting ready to depart on vacation Mike passed a newsstand at the airport and picked up a copy of Small Business Opportunities to read on the plane.  There he saw an ad on becoming a Home Video Studio franchisee.  “I saw the ad and thought about it all week.  I realized this would be a great business to bring to the Ohio Valley.  Then, on the plane home, I sent an email to request more information.  By the time I got home there was a message from Indianapolis on my answering machine.”
Mike quickly responded, liked what he saw and heard and before long had his own studio in part of the brand new building that he designed and constructed for his wife’s business.  Wallace realizes that this was what he was looking for - and not just him:  “I have people tell me all the time that this area really needed something like this and they wished I would have done this years ago.”
Mike Walace in his HVS Studio Store within a store!
Mike enjoys the many different services he provides so he is not doing the same thing day in and day out.  One of the most memorable projects so far is a four hundred foot reel of film brought in by a Viet Nam veteran to be transferred to DVD.  Once the customer saw what could be done that job turned into a full
blown memoir of film footage, photos, titles and music.  “My customer absolutely loved it.  It brought tears to his eyes.  This is what I get to do every day and I really enjoy seeing my customers’ reaction to what I have created.” 
What are Mike’s plans and goals for the future?  “Well, to steadily grow my business of course.  I’ve also found I enjoy the whole process of video production and I especially want to shoot weddings and events.”
Want to be like Mike? Attend an HVS webinar. That is how Mike started. You can also call Robert Hanley at 317-358-5932. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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In 1991 I started a small video business in a spare bedroom of our home. Today, that business I started is the number 1 Video and Photography franchise in the United States. I can teach you how to start your own Home Video Studio as well. P
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Robert Hanley & Home Video Studio can take you from where you are now to where you want to be: controlling your life, your lifestyle, working when you want to and enjoying your family and friends.

Chad Godfrey started part-time and now owns a Studio Store.
Pete Gallo was in high end IT and started full-time.
Diane Osterbur had no experience and became Studio Owner of the Year.
Peter and Sharon Galluzzo started part-time and now are successful full-time HVS owners. 

Dan Weiniger turned his pastime into his profession. 

Home Video Studio is a real business that anyone can succeed in if they are willing to work hard and follow our plan. What are you waiting for? If you have questions, please call our National Sales Director Diane Osterbur at 1-800-464-8220.

We look forward to seeing you on the Webinar.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ken Sander of Fairfax, Virginia Named Studio of The Year!

We want to congratulate Ken Sander of Home Video Studio - Fairfax, Virginia. Ken was honored last Saturday night at the 12th Annual Hanley Awards Dinner &  Gala Celebration with Home Video Studio's highest honor - Studio Owner of the Year. 

Ken Sander - HVS Studio Owner of the Year - 2012

Ken Sander spent three decades with the Federal Aviation Administration focusing on the safety of our nation's airline industry. Today this retired FAA manager is more apt to be focusing his video camera. Ken is a Home Video Studio owner from Fairfax, VA and is our April 2012 Owner of the Month.
To some a nice government job with a nice pension and full retirement would seem be the ticket to a wonderful life on easy street. And, to some, that is a good plan. But Ken had other plans in mind: "I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a longtime passion for video. I worked with video, graphics and animation as a serious hobby for over twenty-five years for family, friends, church and the community." So, when the opportunity for optional retirement came, Ken knew it was high time to start his own business in the field he loves.
Sander took action to educate himself in the video field by attending a Videomaker Expo and it was there he came across Home Video Studio. "I was thinking I just wanted to get into commercial video production and weddings but with HVS I learned that, besides that, there was a whole world of video services. What excited me was the prospect of preserving people's precious memories and all the other services we offer. We are, as our slogan says, ‘Video Services for Everyone' " On April 30, 2006 Ken opened his doors and has never looked back.
Now Ken makes money doing what he loves. And, what's more, draws satisfaction from sources he never thought of: "I have really cultivated a love of helping people preserve their memories. It really hits me what a valuable service I provide to my community." Another source of satisfaction for Ken is that he can get involve his family in his business as well – as evidenced by the contributions of his son Michael and his daughter Kathryn. Both are creative and well versed in the visual arts.
Besides being HVS’s 2012 Studio Owner of the Year, Sander also took home the Hanley for Best Wedding Video.In past years, Sander has also garnered some video awards including Best Use of Titles and Best Photo Keepsake. "I'm really fond of the Keepsakes. I think they really portray the heart of what I do. I'm proud of a recent mixed Keepsake I produced that involved video and photos of a youth basketball team that spent four years playing together. That was special to them and, of course, their parents."
Ken Sander likes to say that he "helps keep your memories from fading while creating new ones." That's a job description you can retire on.