Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Home Video Studio Owners John and Tammy Montgomery Open a New Home Video Studio Store in Newark, Ohio

A New Home Video Studio Store!
We have a new Home Video Studio Store opening today in Newark, Ohio! 

Not sure if you knew but you can run your studio from home or from what we call a studio store. Since our business is a creative one - sort of artsy fartsy, they can be run out of almost anywhere (including your home!). 

Take a look at John and Tammy's new HVS Studio Store! Totally awesome. Congratulations John and Tammy Montgomery! 

Want to learn more about Home Video Studio?

Our next Show 'N Tell Saturday is in Indianapolis on Saturday, June 24 and Saturday July 1. Call for details: 317-358-5932 or just call with questions. 

If you need assistance in funding we have funding available for a limited time. 
Call for details.  Call me anytime on my cell 317-358-5932 or email me at

May the Force be with You! 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Do You Have to be Good at Sales to Run A Video Production Business?

So just how good are you at sales? Any sales experience? Most people have done something in their past – perhaps a part-time job in college or even a full-time “real” sales job. The fact is that while you don’t have to have any sales experience to run a Home Video Studio you probably have some experience that will come in to play once you have opened up your own studio. 

The good news is you don’t have to be a natural born sales person to be successful.  

What do you need then? What do you need to become a successful Home Video Studio owner? You need motivation for one thing.  

You need to be motivated to make your business work. If you have a passion for film, video, movies, computers, tech or even just running a business, you can take that passion and really build a successful business on it. What you'll find is that your passion and excitement will be contagious! Your customers will sense this. It makes making sales so easy. 

Think of the effort you have put into your past or current job. Most of you probably work your butts off for your employers. What you’ll find when you run your own Home Video Studio is that you will work much harder when you work for yourself. It is such a joy. Once again that joy makes it easy to handle the sales part of HVS. 

We’ll help you develop sales skills. We have a great training coming up in Tucson, AZ in late July. In fact, we have two conference calls each week focused on sales and marketing. If you like people, you can make a lot of money in this business. 

Our next Show 'N Tell Saturday is in Indianapolis on Saturday, June 24 and Saturday July 1. Call for details: 317-358-5932 or just call with questions. 

If you need assistance in funding we have funding available for a limited time. 
Call for details.  Call me anytime on my cell 317-358-5932 or email me at

May the Force be with You! 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Jim Fitzhugh of Katy, TX Starts A Home Video Studio Business

Jim Fitzhugh of Katy, Texas
They say everything is bigger in Texas and Jim, who was installed in May 2017, is the first owner using Home Video Studio's new signature edit desk – it's cool and it's big! Meet Jim Fitzhugh, owner of Home Video Studio – Katy, Texas! 

Jim was "born on the bayou" growing up in Houma, Louisiana about 60 miles south of New Orleans. He became interested in the visual arts early in life watching his dad shoot 8mm home movies. Then he really got serious: "Early in high school I got the photography bug," says Jim. "I even turned a closet into a darkroom and bought a photo enlarger."

Upon high school graduation Jim attended LSU and majored in Mechanical Engineering. He then set out on a long and successful career in the energy industry working for Amoco (since merged with BP). 

Jim's interest in video and photography remained strong as an adult and he decided to keep it up as a serious hobby and an escape from the daily pressure of work. He bought the equipment he needed to shoot and edit video – then placed a Yellow Page ad for video production services. 

"My plan was to make enough money to pay for the equipment, then shut off the advertising and business aspect...I just wanted to pay for my hobby," laughs Jim, "but one of the first calls I got was for VHS copies, so I went to a store and bought 10 VCRs. Now I was in the video services business." 

"Early in high school I got the photography bug," says Jim. "I even turned a closet into a darkroom and bought a photo enlarger."

Fitzhugh soon reinvested in a Mac G5 and began honing his production and editing chops. Then in the early 2000s he saw an ad for Home Video Studio in a video magazine. "I was interested because I figured there were a lot of secrets I just didn't know about. But the timing wasn't right because I was still very busy with work." Video, however, remained an important part of Jim's life as a fulfilling hobby. 

In 2005, just before Jim retired from BP, the biggest challenge of his career came. As Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc in the gulf Jim was faced with coordinating the shutting down and dismantling of many damaged oil platforms containing numerous producing oil and gas wells – a touchy situation with millions upon millions of dollars and, more important, many human lives at stake. Besides a pressure relief Jim used his video skill to produce a video recap of these operations. 

Finally, upon retiring and 15 years after running across Home Video Studio , Fitzhugh decided to revisit them. "I was retired, needing some guidance, and bored," says Jim, "so I gave Robert a call." Everything fell into place quickly and Jim Fitzhugh became a studio owner in Katy, Texas, just outside of Houston.

Just installed, Jim has some definite plans for his new lifestyle. "I've broken my goals down into what I call my VIP goals," says Jim. "That's V for video goals, I for income goals, and P for personal satisfaction goals." 

We welcome Jim Fitzhugh to the Home Video Studio family!

What about you?Would you like to change your career? Have you spent three years or three decades and now you would like to be somewhere else? Sick of your job? Start your own Home Video Studio. If you have quesiotns, call me. 

Call me. Let’s chat. 317-358-5932. 

May be Force be with You. 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

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You could join Jim at Getaway 17!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Home Video Studio Announces Four New Studio Packages! Start Your Own Video Business!

We’ve added more value to our Home Video Studio Systems and lowered the entry level at the same time!  Every Studio package now includes our New Signature HVS Edit Desk and DVA Deluxe. Move up to the Director level and we’ll add the HVS Routing Solution – route any video source to any destination instantly. 
The new HVS Signature Edit Desk!
The New HVS Signature Edit Desk!
Included in every Home Video Studio System!
THE EDITOR - $59,995.00 - The Home Video Studio Signature Edit Desk (included in every package) DVA Deluxe - our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System - plus everything else you need to get going in style. Our Editor package puts you in business with an awesome and complete post-production studio. A lot of people start out at this level. 

THE DIRECTOR - $69,995.00 - We add the HVS Routing Solution and one more DVA Deluxe our DVA and DVD Automated Authoring System. This increases your efficiency and your power to produce and transfer video. Outfitting your new studio is like opening presents on Christmas morning!

THE PRODUCER - $79,995.00 - We add specifically designed equipment  to help automate your studio so you can get more done in less time. You'll do more work and get it done faster so you'll make more money.

THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - $89,900.00 - If you want to shoot your own video you are going to need some really cool gear. The Executive Producer package includes our Production and Grip Equipment Module: Lights, Camera - Action!

Note: you can add our HVS Production and Grip Equipment Module to any of our systems. All systems include our exclusive twenty-one day, twelve-month training program including onsite installation!

Work from home or from a studio store with any of these packages! We can help you mix and match equipment. Plus if you already have equipment you may not need to spend as much money as someone who is starting out brand new. We are experts in finance. We’ll help you find financing if you need it. 

Join us at our next 
Show 'N Tell Saturday!
 Saturday May 13, 2017
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

What's It Like to Run a Video Business From Home?

Robert Hanley CEO of Home Video Studio, Digital Video Archive
People often remark that they are surprised that I answer the phone when they call. I guess that is understandable; I am the CEO of two great companies – Home Video Studio and Digital Video Archive. Yes I am a very busy person but here’s the thing… I love what I do! So I always try to answer the phone. 

In fact, I am trained like Pavlov’s Dog! Ring. Ring. Answer. Answer. So when you call… if you call… I will answer.  Now just watch you call and it's the one time in the history of Hill Valley that I don't answer my phone! Test me! 

I get asked a lot of questions. Today someone asked me what’s it like to run a Home Video Studio. That’s a basic question… right? I guess it was a good day to ask me this because today’s Good Friday. So I am running the studio by myself (easy enough to do).  I’ve had like six customers here this afternoon.  

So what can I tell you about running a studio?

First it is a happy business. People are always excited to be in the studio. We have both consumer clients (a lot of them) and corporate/commercial clients (a lot of them).  For our consumer clients we could be doing anything really – from editing a wedding to transferring fifty tapes to DVD or DVA – Digital Video Archive.  For the more commercial customers we are usually doing some type of editing, special effects or web video. Personally, I love the editing and post-production type of jobs. 

...running a video business can be very profitable and very fun – if… you know the rules..

Now some of the studios do do (yes… I said do do… snicker…) video production as well… if they want to. That’s really a subject for another day – video production and how to do it profitably. If you like video production, we teach all facets and I do mean “all” – including pricing and collecting the money. I’ll talk about video production later this coming week. 

What you’ll find if you open up a studio is that you’ll start to gravitate towards the work you really like to do. You’ll find a specialty – a niche if you will. That could be family histories – lifetime videos or corporate image and web videos. There are many different areas to specialize in. Every day you will be waking up and doing what you want to do, not what you have to do. That’s another reason why this is a happy business. 

Mainly, running a video business can be very profitable and very fun – if… you know the rules and what to do and not to do. That's what I teach you. 

So what’s it like running a Home Video Studio every day? Well if you like people and have an interest in playing with video then it is pure heaven.  Pure heaven. 

See you next time. 

May the Force Be With You.

Robert Hanley
Home Video Studio

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Don't Wait!

Each week I make a reading suggestion for you; a book or blog that has made a real difference in my personal life and/or business life.  I do have a long, long list. I love books and I read a lot. 

A client gave me this book. In fact I have a number of books given to me by various clients throughout the years. This book was given to me by Jane Gray. I remember loving the title of the book as well as the book. It holds a special place on my book shelf. It's a great message. 

Today's selection is Don't Wait - take the first step by Jane Gray. 
Here is a short description from (available for $12.95).

Out of personal life experiences Jane Gray illuminates the importance of relationships with God and with others. DON'T WAIT is a simple but profound message that encourages you to make life decisions that are truly important. This elegant book transends time shown by its photographic illustrations, uplifting quotes and heart filled writing leading you to seize the moment and change your life forever-DON'T WAIT!

Most people avoid important life changing decisions. You only get one shot. Don't wait! Make things happen!

I'll see you next Wednesday with another selection. 

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
CEO Home Video Studio

Copyright © 2017

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Want to Write a Screenplay?

It's Book it Wednesday! A reading suggestion for you today. Each Wednesday I suggest a book or blog that has made a real difference in my personal life and/or business life.  I do have a long, long list. I love books and I read a lot. 

If you want to experience the true joy of filmmaking without all of the headaches, the transportation of equipment, the hiring of crews, location scouting, make-up, lights, cameras, C-Stands, etc. well you could always just write screenplays for a living. That would do it. That is if you are creative and have a story to tell and... 
...if you know how to write screenplays! 

Seems like everyone I have met for the past thirty years or so is or was writing a screenplay or they had a great idea for a movie or screenplay. Most people who boast of writing a movie never, ever take the time to write an actual screenplay. I was no different in this respect. I had tons of ideas for movies (still do) and I did want to turn them into screenplays (and then movies). But then I took action. It was my passion that drove me. 

I started writing early in my life and when I found an interest in making movies, then and only then did I start reading and researching on how to actually write a screenplay.  I have tons of books on the subject. Here's my favorite. 

Today’s selection is Screenplay - The Foundations of Screenwriting – A Step-by-Step Guide form Concept to Finished Script by Syd Field (or I should say the late Syd Field as he passed a few years ago).  

This was the first book I ever purchased on screenwriting. I remember being so excited to just buy it! II felt important! I read it on the plane out to L.A. in 1980. I finished the last few pages just as we were landing (timing is everything). Two action steps met that year: first screenplay book and first trip to Hollywood. By the way. I bought this same book for my son who just graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Filmmaking. Aaron, I hope you read it!

Here is a short description from (available for $12.95).

A generation of screenwriters has used Syd Field’s bestselling books to ignite successful careers in film. Now the celebrated producer, lecturer, teacher, and bestselling author has updated his classic guide for a new generation of filmmakers, offering a fresh insider’s perspective on the film industry today. From concept to character, from opening scene to finished script, here are easily understood guidelines to help aspiring screenwriters—from novices to practiced writers—hone their craft. Filled with updated material—including all-new personal anecdotes and insights, guidelines on marketing and collaboration, plus analyses of recent films, from American Beauty to Lord of the RingsScreenplay presents a step-by-step, comprehensive technique for writing the screenplay that will succeed in Hollywood. Discover:

•Why the first ten pages of your script are crucially important
•How to visually “grab” the reader from page one, word one
•Why structure and character are the essential foundation of your screenplay
•How to adapt a novel, a play, or an article into a screenplay
•Tips on protecting your work—three legal ways to claim ownership of your screenplay
•The essentials of writing great dialogue, creating character, building a story line, overcoming writer’s block, getting an agent, and much more.

With this newly updated edition of his bestselling classic, Syd Field proves yet again why he is revered as the master of the screenplay—and why his celebrated guide has become the industry’s gold standard for successful screenwriting.
I suggest this book for several reasons. For one thing it's a good read. For another thing if you want to be in this business you should know something about story structure. When proposing a video project to a client you want to be able to paint a vivid picture for your potential client. Well this book will help you learn how to paint that picture. 

Screenplay clearly defines a great process and the essential ingredient of every story: a beginning, middle and end. Even if you are not going to write a screenplay this book will give you a better understanding of story structure and of how to create and edit an effective video. 

Oh... and I did write a screenplay! Just one time...  for my feature Good Cop Bad Cop but once was enough. I'm a Screenwriter! Yay for me!

I'll see you next Wednesday with another selection. 

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
CEO Home Video Studio

Copyright © 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Classes for Video Production and Post Production

Learn Documentary Style Video Production, 
Post Production and more.
Start your own Home Video Studio Today!
We'll teach you in baby steps - you'll take giant leaps!
Here’s a list of some of the classes that we’ll be providing and teaching to our studio owners (this could be you) at our next training.  You could join us!

Documentary style video production
Green screen
DVA Authoring
DSLR Production
The art of Creative Video Editing
Finding the Story
LifeTIME Videos
Sports Videos
Event and Wedding Videography
Creating Lighting
Hiring Crews
Premiere Pro
HVS Drone Flight School – 2 days
Collecting the money

If all of this sounds really fun that’s because it is. 

You’re on this list because at one time you requested information about starting a video production and post-production business. 

All it takes is one phone call… one email… to get started. 

I am always in. Call me. Let’s chat. 

Call me anytime at my cell 317-358-5932.

May the Force be with You!

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Advanced Training 17 Begins! Running & Marketing a Video Production Company

Studio owners from all over the United States and Canada train.
Advanced Training #17 has begun! Welcome to our Home Video Studio Owners from the United States and Canada. We have 24 studios training on running and marketing a video production studio in Indianapolis this week. Want to join us for Show 'N Tell Saturday Seminar on the weekend? Call Robert Hanley at 1-866-71401956 for details on how you can attend our VIP Friday dinner and our free Saturday seminar.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Want to be in the Video Business?
Learn how you can start your own
Home Video Studio
at Show 'N Tell Saturday.

Three dates to choose from!
Join us on one of these dates:  
Saturday, February 4 
Saturday, February 11
Saturday, February 18 

Indianapolis, IN
Space is limited. Travel paid for qualified attendees!*

Start your own video business! 
Call 1-317-358-5932 to reserve your spot!

Seven Major Things You Will Learn At My Saturday Seminar!

MAKING MONEY - The number one thing we’ll cover is making money in the video business. I’ll cover pricing video as well as collecting the money.  What’s the difference between a $500.00 video and a $5000.00 video? Are you leaving money on the table? I’ll teach you how we do it! Oh... what about a $30,000.00 video? 

ADVERTISING & MARKETING -  This is the great unknown for most people who attempt to enter our industry. How do you get business and find clients? I’ll share with you.   

TRAINING & SUPPORT - I’ll cover our 12 month and 21 day in person training program in depth.  How do we take you from where you are now to where you want to be? We are very good at this as long as you can take that first step and get to Show ‘N Tell!

STUDIO EQUIPMENT - You’ll be in my studio all day so we’ll definitely get into the nitty gritty on equipment and gear. How will you outfit your studio? Do you have current equipment that can be used? Maybe and if so that will save you some money. 

FINANCIAL GOALS - Our goal is for you to make $5000.00 per week in your new video business. I’ll take you through our core principles and provide you with a clear understanding of how you can reach your goals. Making money is easy if you can follow our plan. 

CREATIVE GOALS - Not everyone is out to make a fortune. Home Video Studio is a very fun and exciting business and lifestyle. Want to turn your hobby into a real live functioning studio? We can do that for you. Want to get your family involved in the business? We’ll help train them. This is a very family friendly business.

TRANSITIONS - We’ll discuss transitions and getting started. Going to quit your job? Come out of retirement? Convert a 401k? Will you work the studio part time until you can go full time? We will start designing a plan for you at Show ‘N Tell Saturday. 

FUNDING - We’re not cheap. It takes about $62,900.00 to $72,900.00 to start your Home Video Studio. Some people are shocked at this. Others find the money. I am an expert at funding if you need to find the money. One of the things we do on Saturday afternoon is cover financing.  It’s not that difficult. If you need consultation on funding call me.