Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David Gardner - Ottawa, Canada Studio Owner Of The Month!

One of the best reasons to own a franchise is because you are investing in a proven system. That’s S.Y.S.T.E.M. – as in “Save Your Self Time Energy Money.” David Gardner, Home Video Studio Ottawa, Ontario found that out when he made the choice to invest in Home Video Studio. In his first year as a studio owner he garnered triple the earnings he made being in business by himself. Now, halfway through his second year, he is on track to double his first year. David is our Home Video Studio March Owner of the Month.

David, like many of our owners, spent the first part of his career in the corporate high-tech industry. As a design engineer Gardner worked with such things as lasers, fiber optics and document reading devices. Then came a blow that’s all too common these days. After twenty years in the industry he was laid off. After finding a similar position in the industry he was laid off from that too. It didn’t take long for David to realize that it was a new world out there!

“I was getting tired of the roller coaster.” says Gardner, “I was finding myself going to twelve or thirteen interviews for a job I wasn’t sure I wanted anymore.” As things often work out David saw an opportunity open up.

“I went to a friend whose hobby was video production. I wanted to make a montage for my wife’s birthday, and when I saw the equipment, the software and of course the emotional final product I got excited and wondered if a guy could make a business out of this.”

Gardner did make a business out of it, buying equipment and self-training. He began to pick up clients like dance studios, weddings and corporate promos. Still the sporadic nature of the business and the failure to get the prices he needed kept him from really moving his business ahead. Yet another roller coaster.

While browsing the web for ideas to improve his business he came across the Home

Video Studio website and recalled ads he had seen in past years in Video Maker magazine for Home Video Studio. With encouragement from his wife to get things happening with his business, he decided it was now or never and began the steps of looking into a franchise. Soon David was on board with no intentions of looking back.

“There are many things I like about Home Video Studio that I never would have thought of – or didn’t have the resources to do – on my own.” says Gardner. “The website stands out. The tracking system they provide keeps my productivity up and my panic level down. The constant training I receive is the best. My interaction with other owners allows me to get tips I would have never gotten otherwise. And just the camaraderie - it’s fantastic!”

Being in business for yourself – but not by yourself. That’s the Home Video Studio way. And it seems to be a way that suits David Gardner, Home Video Studio’s March Studio Owner of the Month.

Robert's Note: David Gardner is our Studio Owner of the Month for 2010-11. As such, David was our keynote speaker at this year's Advanced Training. See David's keynote, speech click here.