Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tony Miklos of Brecksville, Ohio Named Studio Owner of the Year!

It is my pleasure to announce and congratulate Tony Miklos of Brecksville, Ohio on being named Studio Owner of the Year for Home Video Studio. Tony runs an HVS Studio Store and is in his 9th year as an HVS Owner. Tony was honored Saturday night at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards in the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Tony also took home the Hanley for Best Photo Keepsake and Best Use of Special Effects. Tony won the the Best of Show - The President's Award for Best Video of the Year as well. Congratulations Tony!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Home Video Studio Announces 2011 Hanley Award Nominees!

Home Video Studio kicked off its 11th Annual Getaway Convention this week in Las Vegas, NV with the announcements of our nominees for the 11th Annual Hanley Awards. HVS gives out thirty-three awards for excellence in Video to our Studio Owners who compete with work done throughout the past year. The "Hanleys" are our version of the Oscars. Oscar has Best Picture. We have Best Photo Keepsake. Other major Hanleys are Best Documentary, Best Editing, Best Sports Scholarship Video and there are many others.

The Awards will be presented on Saturday night, July 23 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all of our nominees. Nuvidia is the Official Sponsor of the 11th Hanley Awards.

Best Press Release:
Alan & Kim Fon Home Video Studio New Business Press Release
David Gardner Award Winning Video Studio opens in Kanata
Jeff & Kim Johnson Video Business owner hopes to archive Moorpark

Best Sports Scholarship:
Tony & Lori Melendez Brett Bass Defensive Back Avon Lake HS
Vince Tugadi Jared Griffey Clarksville High
Rick & Cheryl Matlock Stephanie Henry volleyball

Best Sports Highlights Video:
Steve Dalbec Eagles 2010
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox
Nick & Lana Cate Peachtree City Sherman Chiefs 2010

Cut and Paste Award for Editing:
Tony Miklos Its Our Time 2010
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox

Best Open House:
Gary Hoffman The Inverted Household
Alan & Kim Fon Home Video Studio Corpus Christi Grand Opening
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo Golden Open House

Best Wedding Video:
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Conant-Dotson Wedding
Rafael & Ines Naar Katie and Wade
Tony & Lori Melendez Ken & Sarrah

Best DVD/CD Label Imprint:
Peter and Sharon Galluzzo Flow Corporation
Chad Godfrey Because we re all connected
David Gardner Vivaglobin

Best Use of Titles:
Ken Sander St. Francis 2006-2011 Boys Basketball Highlights
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo HVS Preserving Memories Promo
Chad Godfrey The Story of Jack and Jenn

Best Use of Music:
Pete Gallo Rheinmetall Defence
Nick & Lana Cate Peachtree City Sherman Chiefs 2010
Arthur Bradshaw Master Hwangs Tae Kwon Do

Best Documentary:
Chad Godfrey Inspired Visions
Pete Gallo Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce 2010 Golf Outing
Dan Weiniger Birth of a Studio

Best Use of Home Movie Transfer:
Dan Weiniger Weineger Family Home Movies
Tony Miklos Our 50 Years Together: Bill & Joan 1960-2010
Darrell Day Happy Birthday Charlene!

Best Use of Humor:
Pete Gallo I Just Don t Look Good Naked Anymore
Dan Weiniger Hey Robert
Chad Godfrey Don & Geri Celebrating 50 Years

Best Company Promo:
Kirk Douglas Larson Custom Remodeling
Jeff & Kim Johnson
Arthur Bradshaw Master Hwangs Tae Kwon Do

Dr. Strangelove:
Peter Gallo I Just Don t Look Good Naked Anymore
Dan Weiniger When the Shoe Drops
Ken Sander The Great Cupscapade

Best Photo Keepsake Video:
Nick & Lana Cate Tyler and Rachel Wedding Rehearsal Montage
Tony Miklos Our 50 Years Together Bill and Joan 1960-2010
Tony & Lori Melendez Celebrating 50 Years: Angelo and Marilyn DelPrincipe

Best DVD Authoring:
Keith & Imee Osantowski A Celebration of Life: William J. Patterson
Steve Dalbec Ziggy and Lollipop-The First Twenty Years
Chad Godfrey Kindergarten Kickoff

Best Short Video:
Joel & Jennifer Miller Bridgefest 2011
Jeff & Kim Johnson 2011 Red Sox
David Gardner Cappuvino, the Authentic Winemaking Experience

Best Use of Motion:
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected
Ken Sander Matt & Veronika
Tony Miklos Ohio Northeast February 2011

Best Video Production:
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Janice Lennard Yoga
David Gardner Cappuvino the Authentic Winemaking Experience
Brian Engquist HR Alliance

Best Rookie Video:
Mike Hess The Sweethearts of the Horseshoe
Joel & Jennifer Miller Bridgefest 2011
Dan Weiniger Richard Rubin s Entertainment Reel

Best Event Video:
Tony & Lori Melendez Step by Step Dance Academy
Brian Engquist Wolves
Dan Weiniger The New Jersey Table Tennis Club October Tournament

Best Mixed Photo Video Keepsake:
Art Zepeda Shark Atttack
Chad Godfrey Cole Prstojevich [Presto Vitch]
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo Happy Birthday Derek

Best Studio Tag:
Peter & Sharon Galluzzo - HVS Logo in Motion Tag
Chad Godfrey HALO Studio Tag 2011
Mike Hess HVS Tag

Best LifeSTORY Video:
Pete Gallo A Tribute to the Veteran Residents of Heritage Point
Miguel Salas Marty Phalen
David Gardner Phyllis Gillespie, 100 Years Young

That a Wrap! Best Vehicle Signage:
Roy & Trudy Wilson It s wrapped to go!
Dan Weiniger It s a Wrap Westfield s Studiomobile
Arthur Bradshaw Got DVD

Best Studio Promo:
Art Zepeda From Birth to Graduation
Dan Weiniger The Facts About Video
Chad Godfrey Home Video Studio Lee s Summit Demo Reel

Best Use of Special Effects:
Brian Engquist When God Talks
Tony Miklos It s Our Time 2010
Chad Godfrey Because We re All Connected

Best Memorial Video:
Ken Sander In Memory: Eugene R. Mertes
Steve Dalbec Mary s Memorial
Dan Weiniger Andrew

Best Use of Green Screen:
Alan & Kim Fon Island Digital Images, LLC Web Promo
Chad Godfrey Chamber 101 Get Plugged In
Rafael and Ines Naar Soaring Dove Connection

Best DVD/CD Cover:
Tony Miklos 100 Years of Hungarian Scouts
Joseph & Wendy Rodriguez Janice Lennard
Chad Godfrey Kindergarten Kickoff

Friday, July 8, 2011

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo - Part-Time to Full-Time!

Peter and Sharon Galluzzo are Home Video Studio owners in Apex, NC and they did extremely well last month working from their home in a business that they love. Peter and Sharon left the rat race.

Peter and Sharon opened their studio in June of 2008 with a goal of Peter devoting himself full-time as soon as possible. After straddling a full time career and their studio for a little over two years Peter and Sharon decided to make the jump to full time in October of last year. Peter left the comfort of his six-figure nine-to-five corporate computer/IT job to go full time as a Home Video Studio Owner. Seems like it's paying off.

Peter and Sharon share a formula that works well for many of our studio owners. Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon is well-versed in public relations and fundraising. Together they make a great team able to handle both the marketing and technical aspects of the business and they can do it all from home, staying close to their two daughters.

Peter and Sharon came to a Show ‘N Tell Discovery day and made a decision that changed and enriched their lives. What about you?

Are you happy but not really satisfied? Does your heart of hearts tell you to go for it? Are golden handcuffs keeping you chained to a desk? We all have choices. You have choices. Ask the Galluzzos about their choice.

Call me, Robert Hanley 866-714-1956. I will be happy to discuss Home Video Studio with you.

P.S. Still time to join us in Las Vegas for our Show ‘N Tell Discovery Day at Getaway 11! Meet Peter and Sharon in person! Talk to other owners. Join us at the 11th Annual Hanley Awards Gala Celebration Dinner.

May the Force be with you!