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Who Starts a Home Video Studio?

Who Starts a Home Video Studio? 
Tony Miklos came from an IT background
Attracted to the business because of the profit potential and self-determination Tony opened the first retail store-front for Home Video Studio in 2003. in He has become a seasoned business owner in every aspect including marketing and customer service.

Tony Miklos

Tony is nearly always at the top of the Digital Film Transfer roster as well. "I'd like to think I have a lot of film customers because I live in an older section of the city so there's a lot of 8 and 16 millimeter film waiting to be upgraded. Whatever the case it's a satisfying service to provide." In addition to being a technical whiz and a good businessman Tony has proven his creative acumen by taking home several Hanley trophies through the years, including Best Use of Sound Effects, Best Use of Home Movie Transfer, and Best Use of Motion. 

"Besides the technical and creative aspects of this business I have found I like making people happy and helping them realize their dreams through the use of my video services." 

Tony Miklos
Home Video Studio 
Brecksville, Ohio

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Tony Melendez Was A TeacherLori Melendez Ran Home Day Care

For nearly fifteen years Tony and Lori Melendez have built a business and made money doing what they love. Tony started out part-time and kept teaching for seven years. Lori quit her day care business the first year. 

Tony Melendez

They have also won many international awards, including Studio Owners of the Year, Rookies of the Year, Best Video Production, Best Wedding, Best High Concept Video and Best Sports Scholarship Video.

Perhaps most rewarding is the fact that, with nearly fifteen years of experience, the Melendez's are regarded in many of their colleague's eyes as the "deans" of Home Video Studio. They will be happy to help you get started. 

"I happened to pick up a Videomaker magazine and saw an ad for Home Video Studio. I had nothing to lose so I called, hoping I'd find a video expert to help me. Soon I was talking to Robert Hanley who not only pointed me in the right direction for my technical problem but advised me on some pricing as well."

Tony Melendez
Melendez Video Services
Amherst, Ohio

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Peter Galluzzo came from an IT background
Sharon Galluzzo came from the PR and Corporate world
Peter and Sharon Galluzzo started with one purpose: To make money with video. Yes, there are plenty of side benefits that come along with studio ownership - working in a creative field and a family oriented lifestyle to name a few - but making a good income by providing "Video Services for Everyone" is their reason to exist. 

Staying true to this vision Peter and Sharon Galluzzo, Home Video Studio Owners in Apex, North Carolina, have really done well over the years. Plus they love what they do!

From their opening in June of 2008 they were "quick out of the gate."  Peter, with a computer and IT background, became interested in video as an AV volunteer at his church. Sharon, his wife, came from a background in public relations and fundraising. Yearning to leave corporate America they decided to risk what they had to get what they wanted. They became Home Video Studio owners. With daily diligence and strategy this powerful team began to build a business that has been on a success track ever since.

Peter and Sharon have won Studio Owners of the Year and were back-to-back winners of the Studio Store of the year award. 

"The final decision was really more of a spiritual one. When we determined that this was what we were "supposed" to do, it became easier. We did all we could to get ready and be prepared and then we just had to take the proverbial leap of faith."

Peter & Sharon Galluzzo 
Home Video Studio
 Apex, NC

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