Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Home Video Studio Owners John and Tammy Montgomery Open a New Home Video Studio Store in Newark, Ohio

A New Home Video Studio Store!
We have a new Home Video Studio Store opening today in Newark, Ohio! 

Not sure if you knew but you can run your studio from home or from what we call a studio store. Since our business is a creative one - sort of artsy fartsy, they can be run out of almost anywhere (including your home!). 

Take a look at John and Tammy's new HVS Studio Store! Totally awesome. Congratulations John and Tammy Montgomery! 

Want to learn more about Home Video Studio?

Our next Show 'N Tell Saturday is in Indianapolis on Saturday, June 24 and Saturday July 1. Call for details: 317-358-5932 or just call with questions. 

If you need assistance in funding we have funding available for a limited time. 
Call for details.  Call me anytime on my cell 317-358-5932 or email me at

May the Force be with You! 

Robert Hanley
President & Founder Home Video Studio

Download my free audio book: 
How to Start & Run 


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