Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HVS Announces 12th Annual Advanced Training Schedule

Twelve years ago, Home Video Studio announced its first Advanced Training. The year was 1999 and we were excited! Now we are even more excited. 2011 marks more than one milestone with HVS. Twenty years ago this coming June 14, 1991 is the day I made a decision to stop being a starving artist and to stop, take a look and make a change in my life. I chose to focus on simply making money to support my family. Luck, synchronicity and the grace of God helped me find the way. Today, the company I founded that day in 1991 is the top franchise in the world for video and photography and video services.

Today, we are releasing our schedule for our 12th Annual Advanced Training for all HVS franchisees. We call them simply Studio Owners. Many of them have become my close friends. Others are treasured and valued studio owners whom I look forward to seeing each year. All are simply and truly members of the HVS Family. All of the HVS staff and HVS Family will get together in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 27 through March 5 at the 12th Annual Advanced Training. I suggest you join us!

Much happens that week. For many Studio Owners, it is their first major HVS training. I always acquaint it to... like going back to college (assuming that you loved college and had an absolute ball!). Advanced Training is seven days of training, camaraderie, fun, tech, sales, marketing, games, food, dinners, jokes, family time, learning and most of all: serious franchisees building their businesses. I call it our Mini-College of HVS.

What's happening this year? Same as always plus more! Some or our traditions go back to our first Advanced Training, i.e. Pizza and a Movie Night and our Celebration Dinner. Other traditions go back only a few years (the unofficial game night). What always moves studio owners forward is our strong focus on both sales & marketing and technical training. This year we have over fifty classes and events for studio owners to choose from: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Video Production, Green Screen, Networking, Sales, Marketing, Photoshop For Video, Soundtrack, Motion, Sports Video, Corporate Videos, Weddings, HDSLR Production, Photo Books, Social Media, Facebook, and tons more! Over twenty presenters and over fifty studios from three countries will train and teach together. And not one studio owner will pay one thin dime for this training. It's the Giver's Gain philosophy.

In the end, it is all about moving each studio forward. After all, Home Video Studio may seem like a super fun game but it is a business. The top business in it's field

Come join us. Call me today and let's discuss YOU opening up your own HOME VIDEO STUDIO. It could be out of your home like Pete Gallo of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ or you could open up a new studio store like Alan and Kim Fon of Corpus Christi, TX. They opened this week.

If you have dabbled on your PC or MAC with with photos, video, sound, music, etc. then you have probably wondered if you can make a living at this. You can.

If you have sat in your office or taken work home on the weekend and wished there was another way, there is.

If you have wondered why you are building someone else's dream instead of your own, well there is a way to start now and build something in your city (if a territory is open).

Call me. Robert Hanley - 866-714-1956. Let's talk.

May The Force Be With You!

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